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PULSE House of Fitness Review

I had an awesome time at Pulse House of Fitness last weekend! Everyone who works at the studio was so nice and welcoming, plus I got in a great workout. The studio was clean, I liked the vibe in the place, and I am definitely planning a return trip to Pulse!

When I walked in, they showed me to my locker in the hallway. Everyone gets assigned a locker with the letter A or B, which they use when they have back-to-back classes. It allows people to get in and out more easily, and I think it’s a brilliant idea! After dropping my belongings in a locker (and yes, they have built-in phone chargers), I got to go into the room where the magic happens: the studio! They set me up on the versa climber and explained how to use it, which was great for me since I had never used one before! (They don’t currently have one at my gym, so I don’t think I’ve ever even stood next to one before last Saturday!) I’ve taken some classes where they don’t ever show you how to use their equipment properly, and I think that’s just a recipe for injury! Fortunately, that was not the case at Pulse.

The class I took was 30 minutes, which may seem short, but was just the right amount of time to be climbing! The music was high energy, and the instructor, Emily, went around and made sure to speak to everybody at least once throughout the class, which I appreciated. She had great energy and was really encouraging. At one point near the end, she pushed me to take bigger strides, which I needed because I was admittedly taking it a little easy on myself near the end (I taught an hourlong cycle class that same morning, so cut me a little slack before you judge me too harshly!). I was sweaty and tired and starting to feel pooped!

I liked that there was a rhythm to the movements, especially being an indoor cycling instructor myself. It really helped me to stay focused and not stop climbing during the class (they strongly discouraged you to stop, but rather to just slow down your stride). It had similar energy to a Zengo or Cyclebar class, where the instructors are fun without being preachy or faux-deep, but you feel like you’re in a party with a challenge.  I also loved that it was totally different from any workout I’d ever tried before.

Lessons Learned
It was a little difficult to see Emily at times, but I was informed that they are getting ready to have some mirrors installed in the front of the room, that way everyone should be able to see the instructor, regardless of where you’re positioned in the room. (I was not-so-secretly happy that there were no mirrors so I couldn’t stare back at my sweaty face or see how I was barely climbing.) When I go back, I’ll let you guys know if it made a difference (I suspect it will).

I think I need to wear different shoes the next time I go, and probably not tie my laces too tight. Helllooooo circulation! I was wearing cross trainers, but I sort of feel like I needed a shoe with a sturdier sole than what I was working with. I blame myself for this, though, because I have really been struggling to find a good pair of cross trainers! (Let me know in the comments what your favorites are!)

Sports bra – Yeah. I don’t know what I was thinking, but a low-medium impact sports bra ain’t it, chief. Next time, I’ll definitely wear a high impact sports bra. Don’t need any wardrobe malfunctions or popping myself in the eye. 😐

Make sure you wear something that has some moisture wicking material, but whatever you wear as bottoms should be something that will stay in place as you bring your knees to your chest. My outfit worked out just right for this workout (shoes and sports bra excluded), and I made a mental note that I can’t wear certain leggings for this workout, much the same as with yoga. Don’t need the person behind me in class yelling out, “say no to crack!” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Any studio that offers you free coffee and tea with a good selection of (dairy and non-dairy) milk and creamers gets an A+ in my book. To me, that says that they really care about your wellbeing.

The versa climber is a cool machine! BUT! They don’t just have versa climber classes! They have metabolic training classes on the other side of the studio called the Lab, and you can use your class passes interchangeably. I’d really like to try one of these classes, even though I know they will kick my butt!

They are just so giving at Pulse! I got a little gift bag just for attending, and I actually won a box of Swapples at the end of class!

I had such a great time that I had a hard time leaving! Everyone there did a great job of making you feel right at home. How can you resist coming back?!

Interested in trying out Pulse? Let me know if you are in the area and want to try it out, and I can give you a code to try your first class for free!

Have you ever used a versaclimber? Where did you try it out? Do they have versa climber studios in your area? This is the first versa climber studio/workout in the DC Metro Area. 

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