Black-owned fitness businesses and brands

This page serves as a repository for Black-owned fitness brands and businesses. This directory is a labor of love.

Please note that this list is not an endorsement of any particular brand (unless noted). This list is a resource for consumers looking to purchase from Black-owned businesses. If you’d like to submit your business, please provide your information via the form at the bottom of this page.

Black-Owned Fitness Brand and Business Categories

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Photos from The Konscious Kollection
Provided Courtesy of The Konscious Kollection

Black-Owned Activewear Brands

  • Actively Black – Premium athleisure and sports apparel
  • Ascot Manor – Ascot Manor is a socially conscious tennis apparel brand and a club of extraordinary individuals who believe no child should be stripped of their tennis dreams due to their socioeconomic status.
  • Barbell Commission – We represent the people that can’t stop doing what they do. Can’t stop training, can’t stop pushing to be greater. They have an innate desire to keep fighting no matter what the result. No matter what the prize. No matter what the injury. They grip the bar and give it everything they’ve got. We are the Barbell Commission.
  • Chloe and Maud – Internationally recognized tap dancers and graduates of Columbia University, Emmy Award Nominated sisters Chloé and Maud Arnold are a choreographing and producing duo. Their work has taken them worldwide to over 30 countries, allowing them to create opportunities to elevate and celebrate the Art of Tap Dancing through Film, TV, and live events.
  • CultureFit – A clothing brand that offers activewear for culturally-conscious women. They invite women of all backgrounds to enjoy and celebrate other cultures like West African print designs and more.
  • EleVen by Venus Williams – EleVen is a fashion-forward activewear brand creating tennis and everyday apparel for every life moment. Designed with attitude and confidence for peak optimum performance, we never compromise on quality, fit, or comfort.
  • Farever Art – I created an athleisure wear clothing line. This line transforms positive energetic paintings and designs into wearable art.
  • Free Me Fitness Apparel – Free Me Fitness has custom activewear apparel for men and women. We have everything from comfortable women’s leggings to men’s tank tops.
  • Full Court – Full Court is an independent activewear brand launched in 2014 by Marguerite Wade. Full Court began as a tennis-based line and alternative to a lackluster selection of women’s gear.
  • Glamourina – Listen to the Fit Black Queens Podcast interview with the co-founders!
  • Impano Sports Apparel – Impano Sports Apparel LLC is not just a brand; it is a symbol of empowerment, inspiration, and community. Our journey began with a simple mission: to provide high-quality sportswear that represents independence and accomplishment.
  • Just Lift – Just Lift is a fitness apparel brand and online retailer based in the United States, supported worldwide by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers. Created in 2012 by Simeon Panda, Just Lift has grown from a social media hashtag ethos, into a growing respected fitness apparel and training accessories brand.
  • The Konscious Kollection – The Konscious Kollection is an activewear and athleisure apparel brand that aims to promote and encourage confidence in all. Our mission is to build a community that encourages everyone to live and walk in their truth unapologetically.
  • Oya – From her own experiences as a woman, athlete, a former Nike employee, and an inclusive product designer, she knew that leggings were not designed with a woman’s health in mind. And BOOM, the concept for Oya was born.
  • PRU Apparel – In 2014 after months of civil unrest, I felt a desperate need for safety, freedom, and peace.  Enduring thoughts of self-love, community, sisterhood, and unity consumed my days. The desire to create something that we could count on and be supported by was my goal. PRU Apparel is that vision in tangible, wearable form. To empower women of color, to be seen, to be heard, and to be celebrated. 
  • Roam Loud – A premium brand of activewear and athleisure apparel.
  • Riot Swim – Founded in 2016 by Monti Landers, Riot Swim aims to be equal parts sexy & flattering. RIOT is beloved for its luxe meets minimalist vibe. 
  • Sankofa Athletic Apparel – Purposeful Drip designed with a powerful meaning and purpose!
  • Solely Fit – Solely Fit intends to capture the beautiful narrative of a woman’s body and the core of who she is while empowering her to be all that she is inherently destined to be.
  • VCB Fit – VCB FIT is an activewear brand by Veronica Campbell Brown, Olympic champion. Veronica’s passion for motivating women to maintain healthy and active lives and her fascination with health and fitness were the fuels that lit the fire leading to the birth of VCB FIT.
  • Vero Mastodon – An activewear brand for men and women.
  • Vertical Activewear – As an entrepreneur, the things that move me are deeply rooted in how to make this world a better place. So I asked myself, what if we could do fashion differently? When I started this brand, it was important to me to make it easier to look good, feel good, and do good.
  • VizFit Apparel – Fitness gear designed by NYC fitness trainer Gerren Liles.
  • Yema Fit – YEMA, inspired by East African lineage and Bay Area’s urban streetwear, is a high-end clothing brand located in Tiburon, CA. The brand weaves history, culture, tradition, and diversity with high-quality garments.
  • Zoezi Fit – Zoezi, meaning exercise in Swahili, is a fashion-forward lifestyle fitness brand. 

Post-class at CYCLED! Studios
Alexis Reed (left) with CYCLED! Studios owner Shalya Cornick after a barre class at the Takoma Park studio

Black-Owned Boutique Fitness Studios

  • BOOMBOX Boxing (DC)- BOOMBOX was founded on a love for music, boxing, and community.  Our mission is to empower and inspire while making the health benefits of boxing-inspired training accessible to all.
  • Bright & Salted Yoga Studios (LA) – Come be the strongest version of yourself in our bright, warm, and modern studio! Travel light, because we provide you with everything you’ll need to get moving.
  • CYCLED! Studios (MD) – At CYCLED!, we ride to the invigorating beats of the latest pop, hip-hop, reggae, and house music. Each class offers a fat-blasting, full-body workout through forty-five minutes of intense cardio. We also offer small group yoga sculpt and barre classes.
  • Gloveworx (NY and Los Angeles, CA) – Gloveworx is a state-of-the-art boxing studio and athletic performance facility that combines boxing training with strength and conditioning in an enthusiastic team environment. From high-energy group training to personalized one-on-one sessions, we have boxing workouts for everyone. Throughout all of our sessions, there are never more than five people working with one coach, ensuring that all of our contenders receive the personal attention they deserve. Whatever your goals may be, you’ll train like an athlete—gaining formidable strength, a clear mind, and the ability to box like a pro.
  • Harlem Cycle (NY) – Harlem’s first boutique cycling gym. Gloveworx is a state-of-the-art boxing studio and athletic performance facility that combines boxing training with strength and conditioning in an enthusiastic team environment. From high-energy group training to personalized one-on-one sessions, we have boxing workouts for everyone. 
  • Love Yoga Studio (MD) – Love Yoga encourages the practice of yoga and mindfulness by safely teaching our students in a non-intimidating and warm environment. We offer a wide array of drop-in classes, class series, workshops, trainings, camps, retreats, and community programs.
  • POSH Cycling and Fitness – POSH® Cycling and Fitness is the first Official Spinning Facility and fitness studio in College Park, MD, and Prince George’s County. Posh offers new and exciting classes like Spinning®, Yoga, Boxing, Zumba®, Pilates, Kettlebell, Bounce, Strong 30, Kickboxing, Belly Dancing, Virtual classes, and much more! All of our classes are taught by seasoned certified fitness instructors.
  • Sankofa Yoga Center (MD) – In July 2019, my husband, Marcus, and I opened Sankofa Yoga and Wellness Center seeking to create more spaces to foster community, relationships, healing, and wellness. In November 2020 we opened Sankofa Health Center to further its cause and foster inclusivity and diversity in community health.
  • Sukha Center (Northern VA) – At Sukha Center, we want to bring joy, ease, and optimum health to as many people as we can.
  • Tone House (NY) – Tone House® is the first-ever extreme, athletic-based team training facility aimed at unleashing the inner athlete in everyone. We believe that every individual has the capacity to be like the athletes they admire and to train like them.
  • TRILLFIT (Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY) – TRILLFIT is an award-winning, black woman-owned wellness brand on a mission to decolonize the wellness industry and promote front-row freedom and radical self-love.
  • WeFitDC (DC) – Wellness is so much more than just working out — it’s a way of life. At WeFitDC, a multifaceted wellness hotspot with an emphasis on whole-body health and community wellness, you’re invited to experience the empowerment that comes along with accessing the healthiest version of yourself. 

fitness electronics

Black-Owned Electronics/Technology Companies

  • BodyElevated – BodyElevated’s platform was created to help people understand their unique bodies better for better results.
  • POWERHANDZ – POWERHANDZ is a global athletic training and rehabilitation product tech platform transforming the way athletes and patients improve human performance through the combined use of smart sports products, technology, and services for the lifecycle of an athlete.
  • Sworkit Health – Sworkit provides the support and motivation people need to reach their wellness goals and take control of their health — anytime, anywhere, at any age, any experience level.
  • Total Massage Gun – A deep muscle treatment, unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Feel better, move better, and recover faster with the quietest, most percussive therapy device in the world.

Black-Owned Fitness Equipment Companies

  • Resistance 360 – Our patented resistance trainer allows you to train while having a full 360 degrees of rotation. This means applying dynamic resistance to an unlimited sphere of movement, maximizing your training regimen, and strengthening your game where you need it most.
  • Gainz Sports Gear – An elite and unique manufacturer of overall fitness, powerlifting, and CrossFit equipment, including wrist wraps, resistance bands, and knee sleeves. They also have a line of HBCU apparel!

Black woman in trikonasana - triangle pose - outdoors on a yoga mat

Black-Owned Yoga Mat/Prop Companies

  • Bright & Salted – Transport your mind and transform your movement the moment you step onto our premium, luxury yoga mats. Eco-friendly, vegan, and smooth to the touch, Bright & Salted Yoga Mats will support you with the ultimate grip and stability; elevating your practice to new levels.
  • Toned by BaggedEm – This Black-woman-owned business sells yoga mats and gym bags.
  • Zentric Flo – These Cork mats are an Eco-friendly alternative to your normal yoga mat. It has no PVC or Harsh Chemicals. It’s made from Cork Oak and Natural Rubber.

The Thick Chixx

Fitness Formats

  • The Thick Chixx – Thick Chixx is a body-positive fitness community united through health and wellness regardless of size, age, and fitness ability.  We make it possible to explore various ways to move your body in a safe, inclusive space.

General Wellness/Mental Health

  • Be Rooted – Jasmin Foster founded Be Rooted to create a space for women of color to see themselves in a place they hadn’t been. Weaving culture into every design and message, Be Rooted inspires customers to explore their inner muse and celebrate themselves. We want our customers to know, you are seen and you belong here.
  • The Brooklyn Wellness Club (NY) – As co-founder of the first Black woman-owned body-positive yoga studio in the country, I’m excited to EXPAND my vision for The Brooklyn Wellness Club to INCLUDE all things wellness, creativity, & community!
  • HealHaus (Brooklyn, NY) – At HealHaus, we’ve combined diverse healing modalities and practitioners under one roof to provide people with an inclusive space focused on holistic health and wellness. We are committed to building a community that is dedicated to changing the stigma attached to healing.
  • Inner Workout – Inner Workout started with a question that came to our founder on a yoga mat: What if we could help people build the skill of self-care?
  • STRETCH 22 (Seattle and Bellevue, WA) – Our series of assisted active stretching techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and proprietary VibraStretch™ techniques provide a superior foundation for health and wellness.

Hair Care for Active Lifestyles

  • Gymwrap – Gymwrap is a fitness sweatband developed with EvapoTECH™, a patented revolutionary process that provides maximum sweat absorption through a unique blend of fabrics, which allows heat to escape while letting cool air in.
  • SOUL CAP – We’re on a mission to make ‘swim for all’, bringing inclusivity and accessibility to the sport we love. It’s about building confidence in the water, breaking down social barriers, and speaking up for every swimmer and learner who wants to achieve more. We’re changing the narrative on a life-saving skill that brings so much joy to so many people – and creating a place for every person who wants to get involved.

sports nutrition


  • Become Nutrition – The line is formulated with the highest quality, hand-picked ingredients – each designed with a specific purpose to yield real, measurable results.
  • iON Performance – Natural body care for preparation and recovery from intense training, including body soaks, muscle rubs, and muscle sprays.

Personal Care

  • Hustle Clean – What began as a body wipe to get us from practice to class on time became a mission to motivate the masses. Enter Hustle Clean, a self-care movement at the intersection of hustle and hygiene.

Dr. Kellen Scantlebury interview for The Sweat Fearlessly Podcast

Physical Therapists

  • Fit Club (NY) – Fit Club was founded in 2015 by Dr. Kellen Scantlebury. His mission was to create the ultimate human performance facility in NYC. Check out this Sweat Fearlessly interview with Dr. Scantlebury.

Susan Clayton of Run Mitts
Photo Courtesy Susan Clayton of RunMitts.

Running Gear

  • RunMitts – This brand sells innovative running mittens as well as face masks. Listen to this Sweat Fearlessly Podcast interview with the creator and owner of RunMitts, Susan Clayton!
  • Enda – Enda means “Go!” in Kiswahili, a language spoken in Eastern and Central Africa. We are Africa’s first performance footwear brand. 
  • NOBULL – NOBULL is a footwear, apparel, and accessory brand for people who train hard and don’t believe in excuses. Our global team is comprised of talented entrepreneurs, passionate industry professionals, and hardworking creatives from a variety of backgrounds.

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