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Fit Technology: I’m a RunGo Ambassador!

Yay! I’m a RunGo Ambassador! But… what does that even mean, you ask?

Well, that means I get to spread the word and tell all of you wonderful readers about this cool app called RunGo.

RunGo is an app that allows you to map your running route, or follow the route created by another runner. It gives you voice navigation during your run, and allows you to perform other tasks on your phone while you’re actively using RunGo. — all for free! Pretty sweet, right? I think so too, which is why I’m out here spreading the word on this cool app! The best part for me is that it is available in Google Play, in addition to the Apple Store. (I have an Android phone because Androids are better, duh!)
Okay, so let’s go through how it all works. First, you’ll need to make sure you turn on your GPS, so that RunGo can actually track your route.

Next, you’ll need to decide whether you want to run an existing route or create your own. For reference here, I’m showing you three routes I created:

If you select an existing route, it will allow you to decide whether you want to “RUN THIS!” route, or select another. I really like this option because it allows you to explore without committing to one route in particular. As you can see here, I selected my Girls on the Run 5k route, which, coincidentally, is shaped like a heart.

There are a bunch of settings you can alter to fit your running needs.

And that about sums it up~ It’s super easy to use, and I love that the folks over at RunGo listen to the suggestions of ambassadors. I can’t wait to try out different routes in other cities, and even some routes my neighbors have created!

If you decide to give RunGo a chance, please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Happy running!

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