5 Things to Take to a Mud Run

On Saturday, I will run my second race of the week. You read that correctly, and yes, I know: I have lost my dang mind.

On Sunday, I ran the Frederick Half Marathon, where I got to run in perfect weather, through a beautiful city, and hit a PR. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing that recap some time this weekend! On Saturday, I’ll be running a muddy race with a bunch of tough women, and I can’t wait!

As I mentioned in my last post about the Dirty Girl Mud Run, I haven’t run a mud race in about two years. I’m so happy to be doing it again, though, and to run it with my friends who ran it with me last time!

I love mud runs! I like getting dirty and having a good laugh with friends. I think mud runs get a bad rep, and so many of the bad things I hear about them aren’t even based in reality! Or they’re “user error” related! This afternoon, I read this great post from Janelle over at Run With No Regrets. It’s called 5 Silliest Myths About Mud Runs, and it is definitely worth a read!

Now, let me talk about the thing that brought you to this post to begin with: 5 Things to Take to a Mud Run!

Before I provide you with this list, I have to note that these things aren’t required, nor are they the only things you should bring with you to a mud run (obviously). I hope you find this list to be helpful!

5 Things to Take to a Mud Run:

  1. Camera – For my first mud run, we used a disposable, waterproof camera. This time around, I’m taking my “Faux Pro” camera (a.k.a. my DBPOWER action camera) so that I can capture video as well as still shots. It has a waterproof case as well as a chest strap which I will wear while I’m running. Most mud runs capture photos of you during the race, but you never know how many you’ll get that are clear, and it’s often hard to get action shots. 
  2. Change of Clothes – This one is a big DUHHHHHHH! You definitely want to change your clothes as soon as you’ve washed/hosed off at the conclusion of the race. Make sure you bring extra bags to store your muddy clothes, because we all know that no matter how hard you hosed yourself down after the race, those race clothes are gnarly. 
  3. Trail Shoes – For me, running in my regular running shoes was tortuous. Halfway through the race, when I was just soaked in mud, my shoes felt like cement blocks! We also ended up running primarily on trail, and my road shoes were just not ideal. This time around, I’ll be wearing my minimalist trail shoes. I already know that they can handle dirt and mud, and they’re super lightweight. We’ve experienced two straight weeks of rain, so I imagine it will be extra muddy on Saturday!
  4. Extra Towels/Trash Bags – Unless you want your car to be super gross, you definitely want to pack extra towels and/or trash bags to sit on! One trick is that you can set the trash bags (or even a tarp!) on the chairs, then cover them with your towels. That will give you an extra layer of protection for your seats!
  5. Sunglasses – This is not only to protect you from the sun, but also to provide a bit of a protective shield from any mud that might go flying during the race. Whenever I see photos from mud races, and people have their mouths wide open and their faces uncovered, I have to shudder. (See image above, and you’ll do the same thing!)
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Are there any things you’d suggest bringing to a mud run that wasn’t included in my list? Did you ever forget to bring something to a mud run?

Disclosure: I received a free race entry in exchange for helping to promote the Dirty Girl Mud Run (Baltimore).

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