A Nice Little Friday Tale

Hello out there! I just wanted to share a quick little heart-warming story from yesterday.
I was talking to a senior citizen at a local recreation center, and she was explaining to me that she wanted to start taking classes and participating in the senior program at the center because she was tired of sitting at home alone all day and watching television. She said that she was ready to get active again, and told me that she had just spent the last year losing a ton of weight.

“You won’t believe it,” she said, “but I used to be 300 pounds.” She smiled slyly when she said this.
“Really?” I asked, truly shocked, considering that she was much smaller as she was sitting there next to me.
“I lost 120 pounds. You know what I did?”
“What’s that?”
“I started doing exercises in my chair. I bought one of those tapes, with that guy that does the fitness. You know who I’m talking about?”
“Hmmm… what does he look like?”
“A white guy…”
“Hmmm… was it Richard Simmons?”
“Yes! That’s the guy! That’s the one! I started using his tapes, and I was eating that special Kellogg’s cereal.”
“Special K?”
“Yeah! Well, I lost 120 pounds from doing that every day!”

When I asked her how long it took her to lose it, she told me it was just about a year. Incredible! It was really inspiring to me because it showed that, sometimes, if you just make little changes — whether in fitness or life generally — you can accomplish amazing things! I really liked talking to her because she had so much pride, and she was so happy to share this achievement with me. I thought that I just had to share this story with you guys!

Have a wonderful weekend!! And if you’re on the East Coast, I hope this story warmed you up a little! 🙂

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