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I’m Running Ragnar DC for Girls on the Run #LikeAGirl

In May, I completed my very first relay race. I loved the physical challenge of the relay, and I also loved getting the opportunity to bond with 5 other women in a van over 24 hours.

Because I loved it so much, when I learned about running Ragnar DC for Girls On the Run of Montgomery County, Maryland, I jumped at it! I gathered up a group of friends, and we’ve really taken on this challenge! We will be running Ragnar DC from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC (approximately 200 miles) as Team #LikeAGirl.

Because Girls On the Run is a charity to which Ragnar donates, we were given the chance to run the race for free, in exchange for fundraising for this wonderful organization. My fundraising goal is $500, and I am slowly chipping away at my goal. To date, I have raised enough to provide running shoes for 4 girls. My $500 goal will be enough to support full-season scholarships for two girls. If you’re interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Girls On the Run, I encourage and am thankful for it!

Currently, we have 11 out of 12 runners. I’m in Van 2 as Runner 11, just like I was with the American Odyssey Relay! My van is a person short, so if you’re interested in running with us, let me know! We need someone for the Runner 8 spot.

I’m terrified for my second leg, not gonna lie. It’s my night leg, and it’s 9.2 miles through Sugarloaf Mountain on a narrow trail. Scary! (Flecks of Lex Fun Fact: I have been to Sugarloaf Mountain in both Brazil and the U.S.!)

Stay tuned to my Instagram and Twitter feeds as I train for the race. I’ll be posting pics during the race, and will be writing a recap. Have any pointers for running a Ragnar relay? Have you run one? Do you want to run one? Have you ever run another relay?

Want to know more about Ragnar? Check out this awesome video from ESPN:

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