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7 Ayurvedic Products and Brands I’m Incorporating Into My Daily Routines

Read my previous post, Ayurveda: What I’ve Learned So Far, for more background on why I’ve been focusing on Ayurveda so much recently, expert interviews, and more. 

Last weekend, I received an Ayurveda diet and lifestyle consultation from Salila Sukumaran of Ayurgamaya. I learned and confirmed some things about myself, and took another step towards living a more Ayurvedic lifestyle in the hopes of finding more balance. It was a real eye-opening experience, and I’m excited about incorporating new-to-me routines and recipes into my life.
Pro tip: Check out this episode of my podcast for my interview with Salila, as well as a discount on an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultation, as well as other services.

I’ve been incorporating Ayurvedic practices into my life for about six months now, and it really has made a difference – particularly in regards to taking more time for self-care and mindfulness practices. There have been a number of products and brands I’ve incorporated into these new routines, and I’m here to share them with all of you!

1. Dosha Mat

There have been times in the past few months where I have sat in my living room drinking tea, watching TV, and melting into my Dosha Mat. This product seems very simple on the surface, but it really has been a game-changer for me!

About the Product

Dosha Mat is an acupressure mat with over 4,500 acupressure points that appear in the form of lotus flowers. My lotus flowers are turquoise, one of my favorite colors! This mat is eco-friendly and is handmade using hypoallergenic natural linen with a removable coconut fiber cushion inside of the mat. 
The mat is a little more than two feet in length, folds in half, and is easily stored. I like to sit on mine, but you can stand on it or lay on it as well. 

About the Brand

Why is it called Dosha Mat? Here is the explanation, straight from the brand:
We chose the name ‘Dosha Mat’ due to the connection between acupressure and Ayurveda… According to Ayurveda, good health is achieved when the body’s doshas are in balance, and the way to achieve this is to live a more balanced, healthier life, including practicing acupressure.

They also pride themselves on making eco-friendly products, as well as their mission of giving back by supporting non-profit organizations providing yoga and other fitness activities to youth.  

Why I Love It

I love the way I feel sitting on my Dosha Mat, and I really love the way I feel once I’m done sitting on the mat. In fact, there are times where I have practically had to roll myself off of the couch because I don’t want to leave my Dosha Mat! It’s such a simple tool that is great to incorporate into your evening routine. I even like to meditate while sitting on my mat.  

2. Copper Water Bottle

This item made my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide because I think everyone needs one! It definitely keeps your beverages cool, but what’s most fascinating to me is the antimicrobial benefits of copper. (No, it’s not going to prevent you from getting the coronavirus, as this New York Times article warns.) There’s been tons of research at NIH on the benefits of copper, and I encourage you to check it out on PubMed.
In Ayurveda, it is suggested that you store your water in a copper vessel. I am fortunate in that I have clean drinking water where I live, so don’t necessarily need to use the bottle for this purpose, but as I said before, it’s pretty cool to learn about the antimicrobial benefits of copper nonetheless.

About the Product

I have the 20-ounce, smooth polished copper bottle from Copper H20. It fits perfectly in my stationary bike’s water bottle holder, which is a major plus for this indoor cycling instructor. Copper H20 advertises that their hand-crafted copper water bottles can last a lifetime!

About the Brand 

Copper H20 donates a portion of its profits to non-profit organizations supplying clean drinking water to vulnerable communities. This company was founded to help reduce our reliance on plastic water bottles. Learn more about Copper H20.

Why I Love It

It keeps my water cold, it fits easily in my baby hands, and it enhances the flavor of the water. I don’t really know how to explain that last one, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I love sustainable water bottles, and I love the simplicity of the Copper H20 bottle.

3. Tongue Scraper

First thing in the morning, what do I do? I scrape my tongue. 
Tongue scraping was the very first Ayurvedic practice that I incorporated into my morning routine. It’s definitely the easiest to do and the easiest to remember. I use a copper tongue scraper (you may have already guessed it), but tongue scrapers can come in different materials. 
Oral health is incredibly important and connects to your overall health, and I love that Ayurveda emphasizes oral health by suggesting this practice. You can learn a little more about tongue scraping here.

About the Product 

I have these copper tongue scrapers (affiliate link), though it turns out I only need one for like… forever… However, I have also tried the ScrapeYourTongue brand (affiliate link). It’s such a simple tool. Really! Grab both ends and glide it across your tongue. Bam! Done! It can be kind of gross to see what ends up on your tongue, but it’s really interesting to keep track of how your tongue looks in the morning when you consider what you ate the night before, how much sleep you got, how you’re feeling, etc.

Why I Love It

It’s so simple, so satisfying, and such a great addition to your oral health routine!

4. Prana Brush

Talk about a game-changer! I’d been nervous about dry brushing (garshana) because I have very sensitive skin, but it didn’t hurt at all, and actually made my skin softer! 
I like to dry brush in the morning, follow it up with a self oil massage (abhyanga), and then hop in the shower. Salila suggested following up your abhyanga with a short yoga practice of maybe 10 minutes or so prior to showering. When I have a little extra time in the morning, I like to put on an old t-shirt and sweatpants or basketball shorts and take myself through a Sun Salutation. 
You can learn more about some of the benefits of dry brushing here.

About the Product

My dry brush is the Ionic Dry Brush made by Prana Brush. I love that it fits in my hand, and the bristle feels high-quality. Guess what? The bristles are made with copper! Notice a theme here? 
Here is a brief description of the brush, as provided on the Prana Brush website:
Each brush is handmade from the highest-quality and sustainably-harvested beechwood, which is then beautifully smoothed and finished with natural wax. Our ion-charged copper bristles are made from the highest-quality copper alloy. In addition, our brushes feature an outer ring of bristles made from beautiful all-natural and ethically-sourced boar hair.


About the Brand

Prana Brush gives back to the community by giving a portion of its profits to nonprofits serving under-resourced families facing food insecurity. 

Why I Love It

This is a well-made brush that is easy to clean, gentle enough to not irritate my sensitive skin, and it’s easy to hold onto without worrying about it slipping from your hands. (Thank you, little strap!)

5. NOW Foods’ Argan Oil

I’m a big NOW Foods fan! At this point, I think I have at least one item from every product line in my home. They serve a lot of needs, but I have to admit that Ayurvedic practices were not something I thought of when I thought of NOW; however, now I realize that they have so many products that I can incorporate into my Ayurvedic practices and the new Ayurvedic meals I’m incorporating into my diet. 
I’ve started out by using NOW’s essential oils in my morning routine, namely my argan oil. I have been using this in my abhyanga practice. It feels great on my skin, smells nice, and gets the job done! I use their essential oils for all kinds of self-care practices, but the argan oil has definitely become a staple in my morning routine.

About the Product 

For my abhyanga practice, I use NOW’s 100% Organic Argan Oil. Apparently, some other folks have caught on to this specific oil from NOW because they currently have low stock! Please note that argan oil is made from a tree nut, so if you have a tree nut allergy, you’ll want to steer clear.

About the Brand 

As I stated earlier, I’m really into NOW’s brand and its products. They make clean products for every aspect of your life, and as a very active person, they make carry tons of items to help support me pre-workout, during my workout, and during my recovery. NOW has been around for over 50 years, so chances are you’ve seen them in the grocery store or health food store. You can learn more about NOW Foods here.

Why I Love It

This oil strikes a balance between moisturizing while not being too thick. A little goes a long way, and it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy; otherwise, that would make for a pretty slippery, dangerous morning yoga practice, right?

6. Organic India

I may need a tea intervention. I have been going in on tea throughout this entire pandemic, and 99% of the time it’s Organic India tea! 

About the Products

Organic India places an emphasis on using Ayurvedic herbs and spices in their products. All of Organic India’s teas and infusions feature tulsi (aka holy basil). You can learn more about how and why here.
In addition to their teas and infusions, Organic India also carries supplements (their psyllium is the truth!), which you can search by function.

About the Brand 

Organic India is a certified B Corp, and they really care about environmental sustainability, demonstrated through their actions. 

Why I Love It

I love their transparency, sustainability practices, and the care they put into selecting their ingredients. Their teas are really good (most are caffeine-free), and I love that I can add them to my compost bin when I’m done steeping my tea! Unlike some brands, Organic India does not use staples in their teabags, making it easy to compost.

7. Banyan Botanicals

If you asked me in January what Banyan Botanicals was, who knows what kind of crazy answer you would’ve gotten. Now I know that it is a great resource! In fact, my yoga mentor suggesting using their Dosha quiz as it’s more modern than some of the other quizzes out there. This company lives and breathes Ayurveda, and its broad range of products confirms that! I love that they are a resource for learning more about Ayurveda, while simultaneously selling high-quality products that align with Ayurvedic principles. 

About the Brand

Banyan Botanicals is another Certified B Corp on this list! They are not playing around when it comes to giving back to the community! Learn more about all of the organizations they help support. 

Why I Love It

For someone who is still very new to the world of Ayurveda, they help provide a bit of a framework for exploration. I love that I can try out a spice mix to cinnamon oil for oil pulling or Basmati rice. Really, the possibilities are seemingly endless! This is such a great resource, and I’m learning so much from reading their articles and using those as jumping-off points for further research on these topics.

Am I Missing Something?

What is a go-to Ayurvedic brand or product you think I need to try out? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear your suggestions! 
Do you practice Ayurveda? Are you interested in learning more about Ayurveda? Check out The Sweat Fearlessly Podcast for my interviews with Ayurvedic experts. There is a ton of great information that is easily digestible for beginners.

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