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Fit Review: Go Dash Dot

First things first: The bag I purchased last month and has become my new everything bag is called the Infinity Bag and It. Is. Amazing. This bag is eye-catching and is so different from every other bag I own. I’ve been rocking it everywhere!

So… the brand name is Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash, but they go by Go Dash Dot on social media. What’s up with that name? It actually made me stop at their booth at the IDEA World Expo because I had to know what the heck that meant! According to the founder, it means “go” in Morse code. Once I learned that I was totally interested in learning more about the company! #nerdalert

This bag has so many compartments and so many great features! Each day, I feel like I find a new zipper or removable section! This morning, I found this one pocket which had some water-resistant material inside and could fit my cell phone and more! There are slots for water bottles, a padded section for my laptop, pockets on pockets on pockets, and even two different types of straps!

That’s my laptop hiding in there! It has a flap that velcros shut. 

There are also removable bags within the bag! It’s like… I dunno, a meta bag?

I love the mesh material of the bag. It’s easy to wipe down (y’all know I’m a klutz, so it was inevitable that I’d have to wipe the bag down already), I can use it for a variety of purposes, and it’s comfortable to carry.

Perhaps the coolest part of the bag is that you can slide your yoga mat through the bottom. I love this feature because it makes it so much easier for me to go from work to yoga without having to carry a backpack or a tote bag PLUS my yoga mat on my shoulders.

I also love the mission of the company. I had a chance to meet the CEO/Founder, Hannah Fastov, who very clearly took a lot of pride when discussing her brand. I always love supporting women entrepreneurs, and the fact that she’s a young woman and an entrepreneur is extra amazing! Can you believe she’s designed her own line of bags, and she’s not even 30?! Additionally, I love that the company also gives back by supporting women artisans in Bhutan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as a women’s shelter in New York. This brand has a lot of heart!

Oh, bonus! The logo is super discreet!

How do you get your own Go Dash Dot bag? They’re available in stores across the U.S., as well as in their online shop

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