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Nokia – Nostalgia and Futurism

How many of you guys had a Nokia phone back in the day? (Any Millennials in the house?) Man, my Nokia phone was clutch! The battery lasted for like eleven billion years, that sucker was prepaid, and it was the most solid phone I’ve ever owned. It’s probably still alive somewhere, with one bar of battery left.

When I think of Nokia, I get a bit nostalgic. The brand got me through some rough times (middle school, high school, and even part of college), I gotta tell ya. So, when I learned about this opportunity to review their new Body+ scale, I jumped at it! I trust the Nokia name, and I know they don’t play around with battery life and durability.
The scale is PURTY. It’s sleek, user friendly, and it even has the free Health Mate app (on Android and iOS) to pair with it. Oh, and most importantly: It’s a Wi-Fi- enabled scale!

It was very easy to set up. There’s a user guide with photos, and the setup goes pretty quickly. I downloaded the Health Mate app prior to opening the box, so it made setup that much quicker. Honestly, the two things that took the longest were typing in my wifi password, and downloading the app, and those took under a minute each. So, I guess you could said that from opening the box, entering in the relevant information, setting up your profile, and being ready to stand on the scale and measure yourself, it probably took a total of five minutes. Quick and easy!

This scale is so cool! It tracks your weight, sure, but it also tracks your muscle mass, fat mass, total body water percentage, and even… wait for it… the weather! That’s right, y’all! This scale tells you what the weather will be. Amazing! Come through, Nokia! So that’s where the futurism comes into this story. This scale does a lot of things I wished my old scale did. Water weight was something I’ve been really curious about tracking, particularly when I’m feeling bloated or leaner than usual. I’ve never had a scale that tracks that, but I’m so excited that this one does! I love that it will track it over time for me, so hopefully I can take notice of trends. All part of making sure I’m on the right path during my wellness journey!

Another cool thing the scale does? (Besides show my name in the top corner!) It tells you how to center yourself on the scale so that it can weigh you accurately. Once all four corners of the scale’s screen are lit up with arrows, you know that you are standing correctly, and it can get an accurate reading of the metrics you select.

Furthermore, the scale also allows you to track up to eight people’s profiles. Pretty cool right? For my friends and readers out there who are personal trainers, live with families, or are training with friends or what have you, this is pretty neat! It’s pretty easy to set it up. I started adding a profile for the fiance, but he got salty with me because it was past his bedtime, so I will try again later this week. 😛

Bonus feature: I love that you can set it to Athlete Mode, which I didn’t even realize when I first set it up (it’s an option at the bottom of the page in the app where you can update your profile).

I love this scale! I can’t wait to see how it tracks everything over time, and I’ll be more conscious about tracking my food intake in another app that syncs with Health Mate to see if it provides me with some additional feedback.

When it comes to my wellness journey, weight loss isn’t everything, but it’s definitely a major goal for me this year. (Nokia has other cool tools to help you on your wellness journey.) Having a scale that can keep track of various metrics for me is an important part of my success! (Check out yesterday’s post if you want to read about how things are going for me.)

What are some of the tools you are using on your wellness/fitness journey? Is there anything missing? Do you regularly weigh yourself? Aside from the weight, what is the thing you most want your scale to tell you?

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