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How I Stayed Active While Eating Cheesecake All Week

I’ve eaten a lot of stuff I normally wouldn’t eat – and in very large quantities – while I’ve been visiting my future in-laws this week. Pies and cake and cookies OH MY! I don’t even have a sweet tooth, but I have been going HAM on pastries. Which brings me to the next problem…

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Studio Review: Vortex in Virginia

Top: Cycled, Leggings: Fabletics, Shoes: TIEM Slipstreams Recently, I took a class at Vortex Indoor Cycling in Tysons Corner, Virginia. This was my second time at the studio, but it has been at least six months since my last visit. Vortex is an absolutely gorgeous studio! They are the only studio I’ve ever visited that uses…

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Vixen Workout at The Fitness Snob

Working on the “Hunger Pose” while trying to smize with Nikki Major Yesterday, I took my first ever Vixen Workout class with Master Instructor Nikki Major. It was a great workout that pushed the limits of my comfort zone. The class was hosted at The Fitness Snob – self-described as the WeWork of fitness studios….