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Studio Review: Sculp’d

For my first studio visit of the new year and new decade, I decided to try out Sculp’d in Alexandria, Virginia. I had the day off of work, so I was able to take a mid-day class – something I never get to do! That morning, I taught my first indoor cycling class of the year (my 45-minute, 7 a.m. class), so I had some time to come home and chill out a little bit before I hit the road.

Because I can be an airhead from time to time, I totally misread the location of the studio as Arlington instead of Alexandria, so I totally miscalculated how long it was going to take me to get there, and with random mid-day traffic, that mistake almost cost me a spot in the class! Fortunately, I was able to call ahead and let them know I might be getting there right on the dot instead of 15 minutes early like they preferred (and as I had planned if it was indeed in Arlington). This actually says a lot about how much the boutique fitness market has just totally exploded in Arlington. It seems that whenever there is a new studio in the DMV, they’re in Arlington! It was actually a relief that it wasn’t Arlington because I don’t get to explore the fitness scene in Alexandria nearly as much!

The studio was surprisingly easy to find, and street parking made it easy for me to get in and out of the location. They have a doorbell at the street level, and once they buzz you in, you make your way up a floor to the studio. passing a Territory Foods fridge right at the stairway. Now comes the part for the actual review!

This is the first review where I’ll be using my new Studio Review Scoring Rubric. Be sure to check it out if you’re wondering how I arrived at the overall studio score!

Overall Studio Score: 4.89

Sculp’d scored a 5 in almost every category! The only two categories where it didn’t score a perfect 5 was in the Sweat Score and cost, where it scored a 4.5 for each. Keep reading to find out why!

Sweat Score

I took the Jumpboard Express class, which is a 40-minute pilates reformer class with some cardio, HIIT, and a ton of core work! I had never heard of a pilates jumboard prior to this class, and since it was my first time, I wasn’t quite comfortable enough to go all out on it. I did get a great workout, but I wasn’t exhausted and super sweaty by the end of it. For that, I took off a half-point. I was super sore in my obliques for a day or two, but it wasn’t the hardest workout I’d ever done. Nonetheless, I think this is a great workout, and it’s not something that would suddenly get easier after taking classes for a few months.


The studio was super clean! We wiped down our machines after class, and I got the feeling that everything was cleaned up before we even got started. Everything was put away neatly in both of the studios and the lobby.


I can’t emphasize enough how warm and friendly the staff is at Sculp’d! Even though I was cutting it close with the start of class, they walked me through the basics of class before I got started. At the end of class, the studio owner, Betsy, talked to me at length about her vision for the studio and all of the different classes and services offered, and even took photos for me! My instructor, April, was truly amazing. She had such positive energy and made me feel so comfortable with the reformer. They have a really great team!


There was so much natural lighting in this studio! It had such a bright, friendly vibe. There were no strobe lights or super bright fluorescent lights to worry about at Sculp’d.

Cost/Trial Offer

They’re running a 2 for $40 special for first-timers. Twenty dollars per class is pretty par for the course in this area, so I dinged them a little bit for this. Many studios offer a free class for first-timers, however, but not every studio can offer this. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I took off half a point for this. Further, their normal price for a drop-in class is $32, which certainly ain’t cheap. Definitely go for the 2 for $40 deal if you decide to try them out! (I’d normally reserve a 5 for a studio that offers the first class free or at a deeply discounted price.)


The equipment is great and didn’t present any challenges as far as quality goes. I really love the Pilates reformer!

Understanding of Workout

I think that the class was adequately described to me before class started, and April had me practice using the jumpboard a couple of times before we started the class. Everything was also explained with great clarity throughout the class, with April walking around and making adjustments and corrections for everyone.

Class Offering Variety

There are actually two classrooms within the studio, which I didn’t realize before I got there! They offer a wide variety of classes and formats, and I can’t wait to check out another format in the next few weeks. 

Bonus: Other Amenities?

They did not have locker rooms, so there weren’t any fancy amenities at the studio, with the exception of being a Territory drop-off location.

Did I “Find My Fire?”

I love, love, love this studio! Trying out some new equipment through the Jumpboard Express class helped me find some inner fire for sure. I always love learning new ways to sweat and trying out new equipment.  I will definitely return and cannot wait to try other classes!


I really enjoyed Sculp’d! I absolutely will return to the studio and recommend it to anyone who is looking to try out the Pilates reformer – especially the jumpboard! They have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff who will make sure you’re prepared before you get on the sled. Be sure to take advantage of their 2 for $40 class for your first time!

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