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New Year, New Box of Treats

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com. All thoughts shared in this post are my honest reactions to the products in my very first BabbleBoxx.

To help me start my 2020 in a health-focused way, I received an awesome BabbleBoxx filled with some sweet products! Keep reading to learn more about what was included in this box!

AfterShokz Aeropex

You guys already know how much I love the AfterShokz brand of headphones. I talk about them all the time and wear them regularly! This BabbleBoxx came with a pair of Aeropex headphones which have an 8-hour battery life, are sweat & waterproof (though, contrary to my initial belief, you cannot use them for swimming!), have excellent sound quality, and utilize their bone conduction technology. If you’re not rolling with AfterShokz headphones, are you even doing fitness the right way? Seriously, this brand totally changed my fitness game in so many ways, but I would say that wearing these out while running has been the biggest change. I can hear my surroundings and also rock out to my jams. Win-win!

From now until March 6, 2020, take $50 off an Endurance Aeorpex Bundle with the code RESET50. 


This box came with two products from CBDistillery: Full Spectrum CBD Softgels and CBD Nighttime Gummies. I had an especially difficult time sleeping over the last few weeks, so the Nighttime Gummies were right on time! Everybody is different, but these gummies have been helping me fall asleep. They’re made with CBD Isolate in addition to melatonin, and it must be the perfect combo for me because I can fall asleep within about 20 minutes. Since one of my goals for 2020 is to get better sleep, I’m so happy to have another tool in my toolbox!

Take 20% off your CBDistillery order with the code NEWYEARNEWME.

Buddha’s Office Book

Another one of my goals for 2020 is to make a conscious effort to practice mindfulness more frequently. Buddha’s Office: The Ancient Art of Waking Up While Working Well is a great way for me to start with my mindfulness practice in this new year. First, let me say that you don’t have to be Buddhist to read this book or benefit from some of the lessons contained within. Secondly, the back cover of this business/self-help states that this book is, “an enlightened way to navigate the perils of modern work life.” I can’t wait to read this book in its entirety and incorporate more mindfulness into my work environment.

Organic MCT Oil and Organic MCT Powder from Nutiva

I’m a big fan of adding MCT Oil to my morning coffee. I also like to add MCT Oil to my shakes. While this product is keto, I am not currently following a ketogenic diet, but for all of you folks who are following the keto diet, this one is keto-friendly! Aside from being keto, this product is also palm oil-free, which is music to my ears!

In this Babbleboxx, I received both the powder and liquid form of MCT. The Nutiva Organic MCT Oil can be easily added to beverages. It doesn’t have a taste or color, so you don’t even really notice it’s there! The Nutiva Organic MCT Powder is white but also does not have a taste. The powder makes your drink a bit creamier and requires a little bit more mixing. Both are fantastic, so it really depends on your preference!

If you want to try out either or both of these products, you can take 30% off MCT products with the discount code NEWYEARBOXX30. This code is valid from now until March 31, 2020. (Note: Limit one per customer. Cannot be combined with other discounts.)

The American Youth Sports Pledge Certificate from The National Endowment for Youth Sports

As part of my 2020 goals, I was asked to take the American Youth Sports Pledge and help the National Endowment for Youth Sports to spread the word. I signed the pledge because I support and advocate for youth sports. I have coached youth sports since I was in college, and continue to coach today. In fact, I’m volunteer coaching in a local high school league this season, and coached a game last night! Youth sports were a huge part of my development, and I think sports teach you so much about working with others, character, determination, hard work, and so much more. Health and fitness should be fun for kids, and youth sports are a great way to hit on both of those.

Stomach Settle Drops from UpSpring

I have had all kinds of weird stomach/digestive issues since childhood. I have had to battle with different types of motion sickness, I’ve been having issues with different types of grains lately, and I have particularly bad cramps each month. I can only imagine that should I ever decide to become pregnant, I’ll probably get morning sickness and pregnancy nausea! These lemon-ginger-honey flavored drops are good for a host of unsettled stomach-related issues! They’re natural, fast-acting, and discreet, which means you can keep them in your gym bag, purse, desk, wherever, without the embarrassment of people constantly asking you if you’re okay.

I was having pretty bad menstrual cramps over the weekend and decided to take one, and the cramps went away so quickly! I’m going to have to keep myself stocked up on these Stomach Settle Drops because they worked wonders for me. Fortunately, that’s not going to be much of a challenge because they’re actually sold at Target and Walmart in the digestive aisle!

Refreshing Face Wash, 10% AHA Essential Renewal Lotion, and Essential Facial Moisturizer from Alpha Skin Care

You guys know that I have super sensitive skin because I’m always going on and on about it, right? When I try out new skincare products, I’m always a little nervous about how my skin is going to react. Fortunately, these products from Alpha Skin Care are so gentle that I had absolutely no issues with them! I especially love the Refreshing Face Wash because I didn’t feel like it was stripping my skin of every last oil (some products make it feel like you’re peeling an entire layer of your face off), and instead kept my skin feeling hydrated but clean.

The Renewal Lotion and Facial Moisturizer left my face feeling moisturized without feeling greasy, making my face soft and smooth to the touch. They’re lightweight, which I especially like before going to bed. I hate that feeling of having super thick skin products on my bed, and then plopping my face onto my pillow! Yuck!

Take 20% off all Alpha Skin Care purchases from now through April 15, 2020. Use the offer code Babble20

All told, I absolutely loved my first BabbleBoxx! I had such a great variety of high-quality products to try, including some items that weren’t even on my radar, such as the Stomach Settle Drops, CBD Gummies, and MCT Powder. I’m so happy to incorporate all of these new products into my active January!
Have you ever tried any of these products? What would be the first item in the box you would try? 

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  1. Lex! I've never tried the CBD for sleep but I've used Rescue Sleep tablets by Bach. It's all natural and melts in your mouth.
    Also, how did you like the Buddha office book?! I miss reading since having Bodhi.
    All my love, XO

  2. Lex! I've never tried the CBD for sleep but I've used Rescue Sleep tablets by Bach. It's all natural and melts in your mouth.
    Also, how did you like the Buddha office book?! I miss reading since having Bodhi.
    All my love, XO

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