My Honest Opinion of Honest Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, I attended BlogHer in New York City. It was a fun opportunity to get out of the area for a couple of days, connect with other content creators and influencers, and see some friends. While I wish I could have gotten a bit more from the conference itself, I did get an opportunity to hear from some great speakers and try out some brands for the first time.

One brand that I had an opportunity to try was Honest Beauty – Jessica Alba’s beauty line from her Honest Company. They partnered with The Glam App to set up a makeup booth where BlogHer attendees could get their makeup done, and leave the event with a lip crayon, magic beauty balm, and primer.

My makeup artist, Malika Belfor, did an amazing job! I don’t wear makeup every day, so when I do choose to wear makeup, I generally like to keep things light and natural-looking. And so, I already had some tinted moisturizer on when I arrived at her chair. I was feeling like caca (I would later learn it was because I had a pretty bad cold), so I decided to wear some makeup to brighten up my face a little and look less like a zombie. Little did I know Malika was going to take me from “not a zombie” to fabulous!

She gave me a smokey eye with a beautifully-colored eyeshadow, some creme cheek blush, a little highlight with the luminizing glow powder, some lip color, a little mascara, and Elevated Hydration face mist. I was feeling myself when she was done! Plus, I found a new product I love: the lip crayon! I absolutely love the lip crayon! Malika gave me Sheer Rose (affiliate link) to wear, and I also received Sheer Bordeaux (affiliate link). It goes on so smoothly and easily, and the colors are great! They don’t last you all day – especially if you drink as much water as I do – but a little bit goes a long way.

What I love about these products was that the colors looked great on a range of skin tones, they didn’t cause my extremely sensitive skin to react, they don’t test on animals, and the packaging is recyclable!

Fun fact: Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, used some Honest Beauty products for her royal wedding!

Okay, so where can you buy Honest Beauty products? Of course, you can buy them online, but you can also buy Honest Beauty at Target!

What do you look for in a beauty brand? Have you ever tried Honest Beauty? Have you ever had your makeup done by a professional? 

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