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Studio Review: Vortex in Virginia

posing in front of lockers at indoor cycling studio
Top: Cycled, Leggings: Fabletics, Shoes: TIEM Slipstreams

Recently, I took a class at Vortex Indoor Cycling in Tysons Corner, Virginia. This was my second time at the studio, but it has been at least six months since my last visit.

Vortex is an absolutely gorgeous studio! They are the only studio I’ve ever visited that uses Stages bikes, which were cool to try out. I love the layout of the cycling studio, this spot is as clean as a whistle, and it’s located right next door to the Tysons Corner Metro Station (plus, they validate parking at the garage directly below the studio). But the real cool catch of this spot is that it features a cafe within its walls.

outside of Vortex indoor cycling and Tysons Corner Metro

The cafe inside Vortex is called Post Coffee Bar, and it is such a cool idea. After an indoor cycling class, the first thing I want to do is guzzle water and grab a snack. The first thing I want to do after a crazy-early morning workout (like the 7 a.m. class we took with Caroline) is to drink some caffeine! Last time around, I had a pretty good little macchiato. This time around, I tried an Everything Bagel Doughnut with Lox. Yes, you read that right. Not only do they have pastries and sweet doughnuts, but they also have savory doughnuts. Seeing as this was my first time even seeing a savory doughnut, I just knew I had to try it. They just look so cool! Plus, it. Was. Delicious.

front desk at cycling studio
The front desk at Vortex.

Every once in a while, I take a nontraditional indoor cycling class. As an indoor cycling instructor, I think it’s important for me to try different classes and styles for my own knowledge, and also to see what’s out there. I also like to learn new drills, listen to different music, and compare the differences between different studios. I think it’s a pretty good idea for any group exercise instructor!

The class I took on this particular day was an MJ versus JT workout, so the music was the kind you could sing along to. I’ve been thinking about doing a Rihanna vs Bruno Mars (or maybe someone else?) class at one of my future classes. I think it would be fun to build the drills around the playlist for a change, just to try something different. (I was taught to build the class profile first, then focus on the music, which is what I usually do.)

There is a mini shop in the studio that has super cute clothes, and they sell my favorite cycle shoes – TIEM! If I was less of a zombie after class, I probably would’ve shopped around a little bit. 

If you’re in the area, you should check out this studio. In fact, I’ll be co-hosting an event at the studio in October! Stay tuned!

What do you look for in an indoor cycling studio? Have you ever been to one that has a coffee shop inside? If you’re a group exercise instructor, do you ever take classes in your format at other locations?

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