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Do You Want to Work Out with Michelle Obama’s Trainer?

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That’s a question I was asked earlier this week. I couldn’t believe it! Of course, I said “yes” because let’s be real — Michelle Obama’s arms are on the vision board I keep stored in my mind. Her arms are practically my life goals. And so, I will be working out with Michelle Obama’s personal trainer next month!

Do you want to work out with Michelle Obama’s trainer? Well, it’s possible!

Next month, Cornell McClellan — personal trainer to Michelle and Barack Obama for over 20 years — will be teaching classes at Fitness Snob Studio in DC. These classes will be live streamed, so whether you live in the UK, or go to UCLA, Mexico City, or Mumbai, you can check out the workouts online! Mr. McClellan explains that the workouts are good for all fitness levels. You can learn more information about the classes and how to register here. I’m excited to meet him. He seems like a really chill dude, but that he’ll still give you a great workout! Check out this NPR interview from several years ago, and this funny article about him in the New York Times where he says, “I believe in working people as hard as possible, but as polite as possible.” I cannot wait!

If you do end up signing up for the classes, be on the lookout for me on September 13. I’ll be getting my butt kicked and praying for my Michelle Obama arms to come through, and it will be streamed live!

Side note: Fitness Snob is such a cool studio! It’s quickly becoming my go-to spot for trying out new classes that push me out of my comfort zone! Make sure you subscribe to my posts so you can learn more about other classes I try out! (You can also keep up via my Instagram stories.)

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Would you want to work out with Michelle Obama’s personal trainer? Do people actually say no to this question?! Are there any other prominent figures/celebrities who have certain defined muscles you aspire to have?

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