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The Immortal Body Workout with Cornell McClellan

Last week, I took my first class with Cornell McClellan – personal trainer to the Obamas for over two decades – at Fitness Snob Studio. I wanted to learn more about his Immortal Body Workout, as well as some exercises and tips to help me get closer to those coveted Michelle Obama Arms. The class…

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Do You Want to Work Out with Michelle Obama’s Trainer?

That’s a question I was asked earlier this week. I couldn’t believe it! Of course, I said “yes” because let’s be real — Michelle Obama’s arms are on the vision board I keep stored in my mind. Her arms are practically my life goals. And so, I will be working out with Michelle Obama’s personal…

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Vixen Workout at The Fitness Snob

Working on the “Hunger Pose” while trying to smize with Nikki Major Yesterday, I took my first ever Vixen Workout class with Master Instructor Nikki Major. It was a great workout that pushed the limits of my comfort zone. The class was hosted at The Fitness Snob – self-described as the WeWork of fitness studios….