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Vixen Workout at The Fitness Snob

Working on the “Hunger Pose” while trying to smize with Nikki Major

Yesterday, I took my first ever Vixen Workout class with Master Instructor Nikki Major. It was a great workout that pushed the limits of my comfort zone. The class was hosted at The Fitness Snob – self-described as the WeWork of fitness studios.

I could use a lot of words to describe myself, but sexy sure ain’t one of ’em! This class was a dance workout that had some sexy, feminine dance elements, that I was sure I did mostly wrong, but I came out of class feeling a little sexier than when I walked in!

What’s the Workout?
The workout has a pretty cool design. Nikki started by walking us through some of the basic poses and positions and started teaching us the start of a dance routine. This was done without music so that we could work on getting the form correct. After a few minutes of practicing, she cued the music, and we were off to the races!

I’m not a member of the Beyhive, but I loved the Beyonce megamix that we danced to. It was a lot of fun, and it was definitely high energy! I liked how we would work on a piece of the routine, but that eventually that all went away, and we were doing something totally different to the song, and just following Nikki’s lead. I love a workout that has you sweating and thinking because I think that the extra focus makes you sweat more or something. (I probably just made that up. #fakenews)

The workout was cardio heavy, but it also required a lot of lower body work, which was great! You were almost never standing upright during the entire workout, so your quads, booty, and hamstrings were working overtime!

Check out these videos to see Nikki work her magic!

Was it Fun?
This workout was so much fun! I was cracking up because Nikki kept the mood light in this judgment-free zone, and had some hilarious jokes to keep us relaxed and ready for the next move she would throw out to us. I went with my friend Jennifer, and we kept looking at each other and cracking up. We were both worried we were going to make fools of ourselves, but, honestly, nobody is watching you!

These ladies in the group to the right of me were hilarious, and you could tell they were really enjoying the workout. There was a lady in front of us who really loved the “body rolls” move we were doing. She kept yelling out, “body rolls!” I think it was her favorite move the whole day.

I think that an excellent dance class needs a dynamic instructor who knows their stuff and doesn’t take things too seriously. None of us are Ciara, so why not just have some fun with it? Nikki hit the nail on the head here. She was funny but made sure we were safely into position; she put the class at ease by being honest about how long certain positions took her to learn so that we didn’t feel defeated; the music was really good, high energy, and wasn’t one specific genre; and she was really working the room! As a new instructor, I take a lot of notes on the classes I take, and pay way more attention now to how an instructor teaches a class than I ever did before. Nikki was such a great instructor — I can see why she’s a Master Instructor! (Plus, she’s just really cool and has a great energy about her!)

Did You Feel the Burn?
Most definitely! Nikki slowed things down for us as she walked through certain pieces of choreography, and this was essentially our rest period.

Any Swag?
Tiffany from Fit and Female was there representing Athleta, and she hooked everyone up with a swag bag! I got to take a mini class with her a few weeks ago at the Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival. She is a great teacher too!

If you are near a Metro station, I recommend just taking the Metro to the Rhode Island Ave Station (Red Line). The studio is a short walk from Metro. Otherwise, there is very limited parking in front of the studio. Street parking is available but could be challenging depending on the day/time. You can find more information about getting there by visiting the FAQ section of Fitness Snob’s website.  (I would’ve just taken Metro!)

How Can I Take a Class?
The Vixen Workout isn’t just located in the DC Area; however, if you are in the DMV, I would highly recommend checking out one of Nikki’s classes! In fact, she is teaching her last free class of the month tomorrow!

Have you ever taken a Vixen Workout? Do you like dance-based workout classes? Do you prefer to take dance classes alone, or with a friend?

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