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5 Brands I Loved On Day 1 of Expo East

brands and flat lay from the 2019 Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore
I’m still recovering and reorganizing and reassessing after Natural Products Expo East. I met with so many different brands and tried so many different products that I’m still not sure I’ve digested everything from that week!
Instead of writing one incredibly long post about my experience (maybe I still will), I’ve decided to break up my experience into days and activities. This first post is about the 5 brands I loved from my very first day at Expo East. 

5 Brands I Loved On Day 1 of Expo East

This photo is a shot of a variety of brands I tried and/or connected with during my first day at Expo East.

#1: Mary’s Gone Crackers

group photo at the Mary's Gone Crackers booth at Natural Products Expo East
This was my first stop on quite a busy day of networking, taste testing, and walking! It was a great way to kick off the expo!

Not only did I have a great time interviewing the folks at Mary’s Gone Crackers, but I loved eating those gluten-free crackers! They taste amazing, and they’re filled with some good stuff. Since I’ve been cutting a lot of gluten out of my diet, I wanted to make sure I tried out some new-to-me brands featuring gluten-free products. This was a great place to make my first stop!

Their Thin Crackers line is amazing! If I didn’t know better, I would never guess that these crackers were gluten-free! They have that great, buttery, delicious taste of regular old crackers, but they have clean ingredients. I loved the sea salt and jalapeno the best.

#2 High Key

Pictured here is their chocolate chip mini cookies, but the main event for me was their Cheese Crunch snacks. Obviously, they did not make it into a photo because I ate them all. 😬

They were the best dehydrated cheese snacks I’ve ever had! So many different brands have this weird, waxy texture when you chew it, which I find particularly off putting. What’s great about their Cheese Crunch snacks is that they have egg whites mixed in, which gives it the texture more like a cracker. It’s so good!

#3 Bobo’s

I’d had Bobos before, but they have some new items out there, and I was able to see their full line in person. I got to try out their Toasters, which are basically healthy Pop Tarts. This was very satisfying, and I’ve enjoyed one for breakfast that kept me full until lunch!

Bobo's Chocolate Almond Butter Toaster Pastry
The chocolate almond butter pastry was tasty and filling!
All things Bobo’s!

#4 Michele’s Granola

What’s not to love? They’re a woman-owned business (I got to meet Michele at her booth), they’re a Maryland-based company (they’re in the Baltimore suburbs), and Michele told us all about the women-owned companies she partnered with at Expo East! She gave bingo cards to influencers, and the first 20 people who completed the cards were given prizes from all of the participating companies! You know I love competition, so I spent the next two days getting my boxes checked off and learning about all of these amazing companies. If I hadn’t stopped by the booth, I never would’ve known about it, and probably would’ve continued wandering aimlessly around the Baltimore Convention Center.

#5 DESTRESSology

This line of body care products is packed with magnesium! They have bath crystals, lotions, and more to help you battle inflammation, and de-stress! The owner of the company was so funny! She wasn’t on my bingo board, but I’m glad we stopped by to learn all about her products.

Honorable Mentions

So Yummy/ Kevin’s 

They have a line of meal kits that are so delicious, and I discovered they’re currently being sold at the natural grocery store next to my job! They really took the time to explain their product line to me, and I got to sample all sorts of delicious, nutritious food they have to offer.


They have these delightful frozen acai cups that are to die for! The dark chocolate wrapped frozen acai had me walking away from the booth before I returned for fourths or ate the whole table.

Stay tuned to see which companies I fell in love with on Day 2!

Have you heard of any of these companies? Are there any on this list you’d like to try?

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