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12 Podcasts to Check Out InternationalPodcastDay

Today is International Podcast Day! What does that mean? It means everyone and their mama is promoting their podcast in the hopes to get new subscribers! While I haven’t officially started my podcast yet (it’s under construction), I do love to listen to podcasts! I especially love them for when I’m driving, but I’ll sometimes listen when I’m out for a run or hike, or even just going for a walk at lunchtime.

I usually listen to podcasts on Spotify because that’s where I listen to my music, plus I can download them to listen online later.

Here are 12 podcasts I recommend you add to your playlist on Spotify (in no particular order):

  1. The DollopThis podcast is absolutely hilarious to me. One of the hosts takes a piece of American History that is often absolutely bonkers, does some research on it, and reads about it to his co-host, who has no idea what the topic is before they start. The 10 Cent Beer Night episode is the one that sold me on the podcast (and was the first one I ever listened to), but I think my reigning favorite is the one on Colonel Sanders. Reality is indeed scarier and freakier than fiction. 
  2. My Dad Wrote a Porno – The title tells you this one is not safe for work. What’s it about? This guy discovered that his dad wrote some erotic novels, and he reads a chapter a week to two of his friends. It’s just as ridiculous as it sounds. To make matters worse, his dad clearly has no knowledge of the female anatomy, so it often reads like it’s written by Steve Carrell’s character in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. It’s supposed to be a “dirty book,” but really it’s just so bizarre and hilarious, and his friends’ commentary makes it even better. 
  3. Science Vs – I love learning! And I love science! This show tackles fads/pop culture and takes a scientific look at what is often commonly-accepted knowledge around these topics. I listened to Science Vs The Ketogenic Diet and it was really fascinating. I have done a ton of reading on the keto diet and have chosen not to try it myself, but I learned some new things from listening to this episode.
  4. Code Switch – This is for sure my favorite NPR podcast. This podcast, hosted by journalists of color, explores topics related to race and ethnicity in the United States. “The Original ‘Welfare Queen’” and “E Ola Ka ‘Oleo Hawai’i” are two really great episodes from this summer. 
  5. The Black Guy Who Tips – I haven’t listened as much since Game of Thrones ended, but some of those GOT episodes had me crying with laughter. The language can be a bit much for some people, so consider that your warning!
  6. The BibRave Podcast – This podcast is great to listen to while you’re running! Listening to this race recap was exhilarating, and listening to this runner’s story was inspirational. I used to be a BibRave Ambassador back when I was running more often, and I’ve written some race reviews on their site. It really is an excellent resource for runners who are looking for new races to run.
  7. The Read – Excessive use of the N-word aside, this podcast is hilarious. They celebrate modern-day heroes in the black community, answer fan letters about relationships, and recap celebrity gossip for the week. It’s one of the longest podcasts I listen to, but I like to break it up over a few days so that I can be ready for the next week’s episode. 
  8. Invisibilia – Another NPR podcast makes the list! I don’t even know how to describe this podcast, honestly, so I can just recommend listening to an episode! Here’s one I listened to on a long drive. It talks about storytelling and perspectives and was really interesting.   
  9. Referrals and Rants – I met Antoinette Minor through a Facebook group I’m in with other bloggers and small business owners. At an event she invited me to, she talked to me about her podcast, so I knew I had to check it out. She doesn’t have a lot of episodes yet, but the ones she has are pretty succinct and helpful for small business owners and bloggers. 
  10. For All Nerds Show – I’m for sure a bit of a blerd, so this show feels at home for me. I started listening to it during my GOT days, but quickly realized they talk about more traditionally nerdy things I’m into. If you’re not into superheroes movies 
  11. Fitness Career Mastery Podcast – As a still relatively-new indoor cycling instructor, I’m constantly researching tips and tricks for cueing and building a class. I don’t think I’ll ever stop researching how to become a better instructor, and this podcast will be able to continue educating me as I become more seasoned. This episode got me to shift my motivation mindset. It got me starting to tune out articles and instructors who tell you things like “lose your gut” or “earn that cheeseburger.” In the show notes, Barry Ennis says, “Personally, I hate any type of motivation that makes fitness a punishment, or about being unhappy with their body.” I’ll let you listen to it yourself if you want to know what he suggests doing instead. 
  12. The Confidence Boost – Brandi Riley is a leader in the blogging space, and she provides a ton of valuable information in this podcast. These episodes are short and sweet and they really do help you boost your business confidence!
What are some of the podcasts you’re listening to? Any recommendations? Do any of the podcasts on my list match your list?

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