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Using Products with CBD Oil As Part of My Sports Recovery

This post is sponsored by CBDMEDIC but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As I led my indoor cycling class through their cool-down stretches, I heard a lot of creaking and cracking coming from my body. It dawned on me: I had just taught my sixth class in just eight days!

I normally teach class three times a week, but I decided to pick up a couple of sub assignments for the past few weeks. My body has been a little suspicious of me, to say the least! It’s not like all I do is teach indoor cycling, after all. I also started personal training once a week, I’ve been training for an overnight trail relay race, I try to get in some form of volleyball and/or another spontaneous workout once a week, and I’ve taken up golf. Needless to say, I’ve been on the move!

One of the hardest things about living an active lifestyle is the soreness. You guys know I’ve complained about hitting plateaus and not being sore anymore, but I’m definitely over that these days! Now, I’m feeling all of the aches and muscle imbalances pretty much on a daily basis. I try to foam roll and stretch when I’m being good, I’ll even take a rest day, but sometimes that’s just not enough! I don’t like taking pills to deal with my pain, so I’ve been looking for topical products made of natural ingredients to help me feel young again. 😛

Recently, I made a trip to the CVS in Rockville near my gym and picked up a tube of Active Sport CBDMEDIC. (You can see if your CVS has it by checking out this store locator.) I’ve tried different CBD-based products, and some work okay, while others don’t seem to make any noticeable difference. As soon as I put the Active Sport ointment on my achiest parts, I felt relief! My hips, back, and quads got a touch of love from CBDMEDIC.

I also really like the smell of it! It’s not an overwhelming menthol smell. It has honeysuckle oil, jojoba oil, and frankincense oil on the ingredients list, among other natural ingredients.

What’s cool is that this can be applied before, during, and after workouts! Some products I think of taking with me for after a workout, but in a few months when I start playing in volleyball tournaments again, I’m going to need something powerful for during the workout as well! In summary: I’m keeping a tube in my gym bag!

Until I feel a little less squeaky from all of my recent classes and workouts, I’m going to start taking advantage of using Active Sport before my workouts as well. I know that I felt not-so-hot when I sat on the bike for this evening’s class, and I know I don’t want to feel that again!

That Question You May Have In Your Head Right Now

In the DC Metro Area (or DMV as we call it), I feel like people have a good handle on what CBD is because you can find it all over the place! But just in case you were wondering: NO! YOU CANNOT GET HIGH FROM THIS PRODUCT, PEOPLE! CBDMEDIC uses THC-free, safe, and legal hemp oil.

Where can you find it in your local CVS store? There was an entire section in the pain relief aisle near the pharmacy that was dedicated to products with CBD oil, and there was also a featured section at the end of the aisle! I picked the Active Sport Deep Muscle Rub, but there was also a Solid Sport Stick (I didn’t trust my coordination or sore shoulders to apply this correctly, because adulting is still a challenge some days, okay!). The pharmacists are always so friendly at the CVS locations near me, so they can likely point you in the right direction if you still have trouble finding it.

I highly recommend this product! I’m going to get a great, creak-less night sleep as a result of this powerful ointment!

Have you tried products with CBD oil? Have you tried CBDMEDIC? How do you deal with muscles that are a bit more sore than usual?

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