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Fitness Product Review: Mizuno Performance Socks

Sorry to be reviewing so many Mizuno volleyball products these days! I am finally getting around to writing reviews on all of the great stuff I purchased from Hock Sports.

Volleyball trends come and go, but one that I will probably not ever get past is the long socks. I love wearing long socks to play volleyball! I’m not talking about the ones that reveal your calf. I’m talking about long socks that unite your knee pads and your shoes so that your leg can be as one!

There are so many great reasons why I wear long socks. They make your leg look skinnier (unless you’re already skinny, in which case, I would totally go for the calf length. They’re perfect for slim legs!); they give you a place to deposit extra dirt on your shoes when they start to get slippery (if not on your hands, which I often do, because I’m a setter and not ashamed to admit that my hands get clammy sometimes); and, perhaps most importantly, they hide your legs if you maybe, just maybe, you forgot didn’t feel like shaving/waxing them.I love them, and I don’t care!

Comfort: They’re pretty comfortable, EXCEPT, after a tournament, it hurts like a mother at the top of the socks. I’m going to try changing them in the middle of the tournament to see if that makes a difference. Apologies in advance for the desolation of olfactory senses for any innocent bystanders when I take my socks off…

Design: This is the one thing that I don’t really care for with these socks. They have a massive Mizuno logo right on the shin. It can’t even be disguised by my knee pads! What’s worse, the writing is all stretched out when it’s not on your leg, so when you put it on, it makes your shins look, I dunno, massive. I am not a big fan of being a walking advertisement for a particular brand when they’re not paying me to do so (which is every brand on the planet at this juncture), and that’s exactly what these socks do. Lame!
Support: They’re thick enough that I don’t have to wear another pair to protect what I like to call my chicken ankles. There’s good cushion in the foot bed. I

A sock diagram! So cute!

Colors: These socks come in a variety of colors. White, black, green, purple, and different shades of red and blue.

Cost: $
I mean, they’re socks. Socks shouldn’t be pricey (I’m looking at you, compression socks). 

Pros: They’re solid socks. The don’t slide up and down while you’re playing, they’re comfortable, and they don’t get as smelly as other socks. Plus, they come with an adorable diagram on the back of the packaging. 
Cons: That friggin’ logo! Oh, and the “Gripper Top” that should be called “The Death Gripper Band” at the end of the day.

Availability: You can find these all over the web. Not sure of the availability in stores. I often have a difficult time finding true knee-high athletic socks in stores. If you see them while you’re out, let me know! 

TL;DR: If you’re wearing them for just one match, maybe two, they’re great. If you’re wearing them for a tournament, you will want to pack an extra pair — or don’t pack them at all! If you buy these, you can learn more about the anatomy of socks by checking out the back of the package. Seriously, not snarking, this is the most interesting thing I’ve seen all day (which is sad, now that I think about it)…

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