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Barre at CYCLED!

You may already know this, but I love CYCLED! It’s been a while since I’ve been back to the studio, but I was so glad to be back!

I finally got to take a barre class at the Takoma Park studio, and it kicked my butt! Shayla, the owner of Cycled, taught the class and took us through a tough workout – all while smiling and keeping everyone motivated.

The barre class is taught in the upstairs nook of the Cycled Takoma Park studio. It’s a small space, but what I like about it is that you get more individual attention, and you feel like you’re struggling with the person next to you as a team.

Someone asked me this morning, “is barre class hard?” Short answer: Yes, if your core is trash like mine is! 😮 I always underestimate barre classes. I don’t know why, either. Maybe it’s because I wait too long in between taking them? I should definitely be taking barre class way more frequently than I currently do, especially as I work on strengthening my core. It’s such a great core workout! Plus, it works all of those different booty muscles (scientific term, obvi) that you forget exist until you take a barre class.

selfie at Cycled
Smiling because I forgot to be afraid. 

For this barre class, I forgot that barre was tough, and I almost didn’t even bring any water! Who was I fooling?! Next time, please don’t let me forget barre is not easy! Anyway, make sure you bring water to your workouts unless the studio or instructor explicitly tells you not to. And that goes for all workout formats, honestly. #protip

This was a 60-minute barre class that worked every inch of my body! We started out with a series of planks, did quite a bit of work on the barre for lower body, and ended with more core work. Shayla did the workout with us, demonstrating proper form, and providing us with corrections. She really made it a lot of fun, despite how gross and sweaty I was getting! (And you guys know I’m not much of a sweater!)

I love this studio! It is so welcoming, and the staff and instructors are fun to talk with. They have such positive energy and are so accommodating to the students. You really feel like they care about you, and that’s not always easy to come by in boutique studios!

Since it had been a while since my last trip to the studio, I totally checked out their new gear. They always have such cute items for sale! I love my Cycled tank, but I think I might need another one. They are just too cute!

They have a great offering of classes at Cycled. I signed up for a class pack, which means I’ll be able to try out a bunch of different class types.

I can’t wait to get back! I’m hoping to be able to get to the studio twice this week – especially since I have Friday off. Which class do you guys think I should try next?

Have you ever visited an indoor cycling studio that offers more than cycle classes? Have you ever taken a barre class? Was it harder or easier than you initially thought?

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