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prAna Cozy Gear is Everything

You guys know how much I love prAna. They make clothing of excellent quality, they practice corporate responsibility, and they have a lot of great clothes made from sustainably sourced and recycled materials.

I have been living in their Cardiff collection. I was gifted the Cozy Up Zip Up Jacket, Cozy Up Pant, Cozy Up Sweatshirt, and Cozy Up T-Shirt. Let me tell ya: They live up to their names!

I wore the heck out of the t-shirt throughout the summer, and really up until about a month or so ago when we went straight into the winter here in Maryland! (I’m still trying to figure out how I can sneak it back into my wardrobe in this cold weather because I miss wearing it!) That shirt is sooooo comfy and the fact that it’s 55% hemp means that it washes easily and doesn’t hold onto funky bacteria. It really got me through some hot summer days!

prAna clothing cozy up t-shirt

When the temperature finally dropped, the zip up jacket and pants came on as soon as I got home from work. They are just so comfy! I’ve worn them to the grocery store, after a workout, lounging around at home, and even as pajamas! They really are versatile, and they just hold their shape and quality with each wear (and man have these suckers been through a lot of wearing!).

prAna clothing cozy up pants and zip up jacket

What’s great about this collection is that they come in various colors and extended sizes. I think it’s great the prAna is creating sustainable fashion in more sizes than they were this time last year, and I also love that they are expanding their color palette! For example, I am wearing the Cozy Up Zip Up Jacket and Pants in Charcoal Heather, but I am loving the cargo green heather! (Note: I wear a medium in everything, but I recommend sizing up on the pants if you are in between sizes and/or have a bigger booty or thicker hips.)

I want the t-shirt in pretty much every color. I seriously cannot decide which color to buy next, but I know I need more of this shirt. It is just so versatile! I’ve worn it dressed up and down, and it just works!

prAna clothing cozy up hemp t-shirt
prAna cozy up t-shirt
Interested in trying out some prAna gear? Use my discount code AREEprAna25 for 25% off! Let me know what you end up picking up!
Prana Clothing Review

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