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My Favorite New Soap Company

A few months back, I attended the Discover Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival. I got to try a bunch of new (to me) workouts, and I also got to sample some new food, beverages, and beauty products. One of the beauty tables that kept my attention: All That Yazz! I am absolutely in love with All That Yazz soaps and other products. I have very sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful with soaps. Fortunately, these homemade, all-natural soaps feel great on my skin, are better for the environment than what I might normally buy (especially with its minimalist, recyclable packaging), and have delicate scents that are not overwhelming or skin-irritating. Furthermore, the fact that Yasmine does not use palm oil in her soaps is a plus-plus-plus!

My favorite is the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap. I like to say that it has “de-funkdafying” qualities. This soap has gotten me through hot, summer workouts in stank nasty gyms or in the great outdoors. I’ll be honest: I was not smelling excellent earlier this summer before I started using this soap. I’m not proud, but I have to keep it 100 with you guys! Ever since I started using this soap, however, I have found that I am a lot less stinky! I don’t use this particular soap every day, but instead, use it when I’m extra funky or have done a challenging workout. It’s amazing how it neutralizes the odor!

I have a lot of “close seconds” from her shop. Shimmering Sands is giving my favorite soap a run for its money. It smells amazing on my skin! It’s such a delicate fragrance on my skin. I just love it! The Citrus Scrub made my hands feel amazing! The foot fizzies were part of a much-needed Treat Yo Self moment I had a few weeks ago, and I gave some out to attendees at our fitness event over the weekend. Something Magical and Simply Blissful are also really nice soaps. I gave these out as gifts, but I loved the way they smelled so much, I had to go out and buy myself some more!

Don’t live in the DC Area? You can order online! She ships all over the US. Bonus: If you follow All That Yazz on Instagram, you can find all sorts of fun facts about soap!

Have you tried all-natural soaps? Have you ever tried salt soap? What’s your go-to soap for your funkiest days?

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