Tasty Tuesday: Bobo’s Mini Chocolate Chip Oat Bar

In this new series, I will be posting quick reviews about different products I receive. I get a TON of free samples and full-size snack items to try. I give some away, share some with my fiance, and keep some for myself, but it seems like I never really tell you guys about them on here! This is my way of sharing different snack ideas with you all. For transparency’s sake, I will let you know where/how I received the product, as well as my honest thoughts about them. 

Okay, so these Bobo’s Mini Chocolate Chip Oat Bars are so good! I received them in a swag bag from the Old Town Alexandria Fitness + Wellness Festival. I checked out the nutrition facts and determined that, while they are delicious, these aren’t the greatest nutrition-wise, which isn’t a total bummer, but that also means I can’t justify eating them by the handful. They are gluten-free, though, so there’s that. Nonetheless, that ain’t gonna stop me from eating the ones I have! They’re so delicious! They remind me of an oatmeal cookie mixed with a chocolate chip cookie. YUM! Plus, it’s not the end of the world to eat something that you enjoy every once in a while, right?

What’s a good snack or treat you tried this week? Do you enjoy a tasty treat that it’s [fill in the blank]-free every once in a while?

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