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Monday, Monday

Let’s just cut to the chase: Mondays are rough for me. My weekends are way too short, my Sunday night routine bumps up against my Monday morning, and I just want to sleep in! On top of all of that, Mondays are usually my busiest days at work. Needless to say, Mondays aren’t my favorite.

One of the toughest things for me on Monday is getting myself a nutritious breakfast as I rush around my place, things flying like I’m the Tasmanian Devil. If I’m really bad over the weekend, and can’t make it to the grocery store, the chance of me having something healthy in my pantry to eat on a Monday morning is pretty slim. Fortunately, I was recently introduced to the Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal Bars.

Last week, I went to The Vitamin Shoppe located near my house. It was towards the end of their night, so I did my best to grab one of each of the Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal Bars, an essential oil, and head to the checkout.

The customer service at this particular Vitamin Shoppe was superb. The manager was so nice, and she even told me about the free magazines they had in the store, and for me to grab a couple to take home. Usually when you enter a store right before closing, the staff is just trying to rush you out. Not here! In fact, the manager even told me about a coupon I could use the next time I was there, and made some suggestions. It was a great shopping experience.

Now, back to the Beyond Cereal Bars!

These bars are pretty good, and definitely filled me up when I ate them for breakfast! They currently come in three flavors: Waffle, Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate.

The chocolate is my favorite flavor of the three. The waffle was way too sweet for me (I prefer salty/savory things), but I liked the cinnamon roll as well. It’s kind of hard to beat chocolate in general, isn’t it?

What I really like about these bars is that they give you a good dose of protein, without a lot of calories. Each bar contains: 12g protein, only 110 calories, only 2-3g net carbs, 6-7g fiber and 8g of Allulose, a new naturally occurring sweetener found in figs, raisins, and dates.

All in all, I had a pretty good experience with the Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal Bars – from the moment I walked into the store, until I gobbled down the last crumbs of the chocolate bar.

Want to pick up some Beyond Cereal Bars for yourself? Stop in to your nearest Vitamin Shoppe and check ’em out!

What do you eat for breakfast when you’re in a rush? How do you make sure you’re getting enough protein throughout the day? Which flavor Beyond Cereal Bar would you want to try first?

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