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Fit Fashion Review: Fabletics

Fabletics Norwalk Tank and Pirouette Leggings
Pictured: Fabletics Norwalk Tank and Pirouette Leggings 

For my birthday, I bought myself a workout outfit. That’s right! Ain’t no shame in buying yourself a birthday present! I went to www.fabletics.com and filled out a profile. Upon completion, it allowed me to sign up for a  free VIP membership, and offered me a list of outfits that suit my fitness style. Some of the outfits were definitely not my cup of tea, but I found plenty that were. I guess the idea is to see what you’re drawn to, and what isn’t really your style. That’s just a guess, though.
I really, really wanted these leggings, but they were no longer available in my size in the color I wanted. Disappointed, I decided to peruse the “My Outfits” tab — the list of outfits selected for me. One of the outfits that were suggested to me included the Pirouette Leggings. I absolutely LOVED them! I was surprised they were available, as similar styles were sold out in my size (back in February, there were quite a few similar styles). I put those in my cart, and kept shopping.

Leggings: My leggings absolutely rock! They’re so comfortable, they look great, and they don’t need readjusting once they’re on. I’ve gone running in them, done my Everything Burns workouts in them, and have strutted my stuff around my apartment in them (you know, for science, as always). Fabulous! They do run a little long, but I care more about covering up El Burro than having a little extra fabric at my ankles. I mean, let’s be honest.

Tops: The first top I purchased was the Norwalk Tank. I really liked the way it looked online, even though it was not my usual style. I liked the fabric, but was disappointed with the color. (It looked more like a mint green in the photos — including in the photos I took — but it’s actually more of a bright lime green.) On top of that, the shirt was ridiculously baggy, which made the top feel heavy. It’s probably for the best that it didn’t work out. I wouldn’t have been able to wear a sports bra with that top, and those mamas need to be held down!

I ended up exchanging it for the Savannah Top, which was all black, has sleeves, and is an entirely different material. I liked this one much better, though I will admit that I wouldn’t have paid full price for it. It’s a pretty generic top, but I figured it would match my leggings, and it was the same price as the Norwalk Tank. I wasn’t in love with the cut, as the body of the top felt a little baggy, but I really started diggin’ the top when I wore it to kick my own butt in the gym. I didn’t get all sweaty, and the material was nice and breathable.

Fabletics savannah top
Pictured: Savannah Top from Fabletics

Customer Service: Because I purchased my outfit through a special promotion, I had to call customer service for assistance with my exchange. Normally, this is THE WORST, but it was actually very quick, easy, and the woman in customer service was extremely helpful, in addition to being very cheery. I was very happy with the ease of my exchange. All I had to do was print out a new shipping label. I was able to use the same bag the outfit shipped in, and I just stuck it in the nearby FedEx box (though, apparently, you can stick it in a USPS box as another option of exchanging/returning). As soon as it was scanned in by FedEx, I received an email confirmation that my exchange was on its way. This was great, as most companies wait until they actually receive your package, which makes the process take super long, and is also one of the main reasons I don’t do online shopping very often. I mean, once they receive confirmation from a third party that it’s on its way, why can’t they just send you your stuff? What a pain! Fortunately, this was not the case for Fabletics. I received great customer service, and it was overall a pleasant shopping experience.

Comfort: The outfit I purchased is extremely comfortable. I am so amazed by the leggings, most of all. The fact that they fit and I don’t have to fuss with them is just magical. It’s hard out here for a curvy chick! The outfit maintained its comfort during a series of workouts, and I was pretty foul by the end — but not my clothes! This is obviously a major plus!

Style: It really depends on your personal style, but they have options for most types. Whether you like to be covered up or let it all hang out, they’ve got you covered your back. If you don’t like the items they’ve selected for you, you’re not condemned to your list. You can go through specific types of items (e.g. performance tops, leggings, sports bras) and search that way. If you can’t find things that you like, it’s probably your fault. Just sayin’.
fabletics outfit
Full Fabletics Outfit

Colors: They have so many awesome color choices and prints! I am absolutely in love with the color selection at Fabletics. They have vibrant colors, wild prints, and neutrals. A little something for everybody.

Cost: $$ 1/2
They’re not the cheapest, but they’re commensurate with quality and availability. Let me put it this way: They’re less expensive than Lululemon, but more expensive than Old Navy.

Sizing: The sizes seem pretty consistent with similar brands. I found the tops to be a little big, but the next size down wasn’t a size I didn’t wear in other brands. I always start bigger, and work my way down if I need to. Something that many people might find useful: The Fabletics website is now saying that they carry up to an XXL, so they have acknowledged that not everyone is a size 4, which is great for the consumer, and great for the business.


  • One of my original fears was that you were obligated to buy clothes every single month. Fortunately, that is not the case. Instead, you can choose to opt out of buying outfits for that particular month or months. You just need to make sure you do it within the first week or so of that month, once they come out with their list of recommendations for you. 
  • The return/exchange process was quick and simple. As I mentioned, this was wonderful, and made me less nauseous about online shopping with Fabletics. 
  • They don’t just sell clothing; they also sell accessories, including headbands, yoga towels, and bags. 
  • They offer a rewards system. When you review your purchases, you earn points. When you share a link with friends, you also earn points. Each purchase earns points. I mean, they have points on points on points! 
  • Kate Hudson: She’s one of their co-founders, and she’s absolutely adorable. I like to check out the “Kate’s Picks” section of the site.
  • For some reason, the cuts on their tops are just weird on me. While I’m flattered that I wear a smaller size than I thought, it just seems odd to me that they don’t fit right. It’s very rare that I have problems with tops. Bottoms are normally the issue. The belly area of the tops just seems to be cut bigger than the rest of the top, even when they don’t look to be cut that way online. 
  • I don’t like that they use FedEx. Some people prefer FedEx to UPS, but I have found that UPS gets things to me much quicker than FedEx. I felt like my package took forever to arrive! It arrived at the right address, and the package wasn’t damaged, but it took a long time for something that wasn’t that far away to begin with. (It said that the package originated in Ohio.)

Availability: Well, obviously they’re only available online, so you can’t go over to The Rack to pick them up. They also seem to sell out of a lot of items in the small and medium sizes. This could be because they rotate the merchandise 

TL;DR: On Fabletics, there are so many different options for so many different fitness styles. Once you fill out a survey to determine your style, they show you about a dozen outfits they think you might like. Pick your outfit, order it, and prepare to be impressed! If you need to exchange or return items, like I did, the process is quick and easy.

Right now, Fabletics is having a promotion where you can get a two-piece outfit starting at $25 just for signing up! Not saying you have to, but feel free to use my link if you decide to try it out. As previously noted, and for transparency purposes, I earn rewards when people I refer sign up for VIP memberships. Also, for further clarification, I was not compensated to write this review. I bought this outfit for myself, and the opinions expressed in this post are mine alone. 

Have you ever tried Fabletics gear? Have you ever tried any other online fitness brands? Do you like online shopping? How adorable is Kate Hudson?

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