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Sports Bra Review: Moving Comfort Vixen

A sports bra designed for high impact? Made for busty athletes? Sign me up!

I cannot stop raving about this sports bra!** The design is amazing. It’s extremely comfortable, and is perfect for volleyball players like me. 
With individual cups, it definitely offers enough protection and support. It’s not always necessary, but after wearing the Vixen by Moving Comfort, I completely understand why some of my fellow athletes require them.
Here’s a little review I typed up on this sports bra, followed by a video I found online by the folks at Moving Comfort.
Comfort: The band grips just the right amount so that you’re not fiddling with your bra in between points, training intensity levels, or rounds. With some sports bras, I  feel like I’m constantly having to unfold the band in the back, or, more embarrassingly, the front. With the Vixen, I have never had to adjust it during physical activity. The majority of the racer back portion of the sports bra is made of mesh and doesn’t feel drenched with sweat after a tough workout.

Design: The front of the bra is perfectly cut. Have you ever had that problem where your sports bra is a little too low cut, and you worry that someone on the opposing team it’s about to get a free peep show? Well, I have, which is why I appreciate that the Vixen isn’t cut too low – or too high, for that matter. It definitely has that modern sports bra feel to it, with all of the amazing design features. 
Support: If this bra could talk: it would say, “don’t worry, girl. I got you! Now, go kick some butt!”

Colors: White, velvet (a.k.a. purple with fuchsia trim), black/white (I bought it in black/white), twilight (eggplant with chartreuse trim), cove (powder blue with purple trim), and even more colors, depending on the store.

Cost: $$$
Color matters when you purchase this bra. It can be a $16 difference between purple ($22) and black ($38)! The bra is not as expensive as comparable models by other brands, and is definitely cheaper than other Moving Comfort styles available online, but it’s also significantly more expensive than what you might find at cheaper stores like Target or even designer discounters like TJ Maxx.

Pros:  It fits like a glove. Definitely does the job you’ve paid it to do! It doesn’t get soaked with sweat, so it’s not disgustingly dripping when you’ve completed your workout.
Cons: The only problem I run into occasionally is that it can be a little difficult to get out of once you’ve been working out in it for a couple of hours. This isn’t really too different from any other sports bra, really, but because it fits you closer to the body, it makes it just a little more difficult to remove it.

Availability: I picked this sports bra up at the City Sports in Silver Spring, but I was also able to find it in a number of places online, including Moving Comfort‘s online store, and Dick’s (many more colors available).

TL;DR: This is the best sports bra I’ve ever owned! I just wish it was a little less expensive so I could buy one in every color TODAY! I will add, though, that I will be trying out more Moving Comfort sports bras in the months to come. I have volleyball tournaments just around the corner, and this is going to be great for those all-day tournaments!

** I promise that I was not paid for this post! I just think this bra is so awesome, I can’t stop telling everyone about it!**

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