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Lex Local: Sky House Yoga in Downtown Silver Spring

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that I have been practicing yoga a heck of a lot more now than any other point in the last couple of years — basically since I’ve started practicing yoga. It has helped me with a lot of lower back and hip issues I was having, it’s made me more flexible and balanced, and — most importantly — it has helped me with my sanity. Yoga is life, y’all!

Recently, I have had two opportunities to attend yoga classes at Sky House Yoga in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland (DTSS). It is such a cute studio with incredible energy. In their current space, they have one small classroom, which makes the classes intimate. They are moving to a new studio next month, so I’m excited to see how this space compares. (I’ve been keeping track of progress and trying to figure out how the new studio will look. I’ve sort of been stalking their Instagram. I’m not proud.)

The first class was a free Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) class. One of my friends is in YTT at Sky House, and she recommended that I come and check it out. I’ve taken YTT classes at other studios in the past, but this one was run very differently. It was a little confusing at first, I have to admit, because all of the aspiring yoga teachers were in the back of the room while we were practicing. We rotated teachers throughout the 2-hour class, but it was strangely not distracting! What I really liked about this YTT class was that we could provide feedback to the trainees after the class. It’s rare that a teacher asks you for feedback following the class, and they actually had us go around the room and share our experiences. It was pretty cool!

The second class I took was a restorative yoga class. This was a donation-based class, which was pretty cool. What I liked about their registration for the class, aside from the fact that you could decide how much you wanted to pay, was that you could actually pay for the class upon registration. The studio where I normally practice on Fridays does not allow you to pay for the class when you register, which I think actually enables you to back out of the class at the last minute. With registration for Sky House, you’d better be in it to win it!

Both experiences were quite different, but I really enjoyed both. This studio is so close to my house, so it’s perfect for weekends. I’m really looking forward to trying out one of their Yoga for Athletes classes, and now that I know I like the studio, and that it’s moving to just two blocks away from my house, I have no excuse for not giving it a try. I’m totally looking forward to their grand opening in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

How often do you try new yoga studios? What do you look for in a studio? What is your favorite type of yoga to practice?

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