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Studio Review: LUMI FIT Transformations

If you read my June Goals, you know that I’ve been wanting to try new fitness classes. What you may not have known is that I have always wanted to try a trampoline class. Well, guess who was able to feed two birds with one seed? This lady!

I got to take two trampoline classes at LUMI FIT Transformations, located along Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland.  (I’ll explain why I took two in a moment here.) The strip where this studio is located is very easy to miss! I’ve passed it thousands of times over the last several years, as I pass it on my way home, to work, from work to the gym, and from the gym to work – among other things.

Unlike a lot of the studios I’ve visited in recent months, this one is very low frills, which was surprisingly refreshing! They have a small bathroom and a changing area for folks who need to change or take care of business before/after their workout. It’s not fancy like some of the other studios I visit where they have shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, dry conditioner (might’ve just made that up), face masks, essential oils, etc. Sometimes I wonder why they even have all of that stuff, but then remember how much some of them charge for just one workout. If I’m paying that much, I better get a bidet that sprays rose water!

Realistically, how often am I even using the restroom before or after a workout? With the exception of some Thursday mornings (when I teach my 7:00 a.m. class), almost never. As such, a basic bathroom this is not a deal breaker for me. Nine times out of 10 I don’t even see a bathroom in a studio.

One bonus: They did offer that a lot of the fancy studios don’t: free bottled water. Granted, I’m not a fan of bottled water, but I was in a pinch on this particular day. This is a nice benefit for the members!

When I entered the studio, I entered almost right into a class. There’s one large area where all of the workouts occur, and there are seats around the edges of the workout space. There’s a reception desk off to the side where you check in, and their staff was attentive and quickly made me feel comfortable in the space. This was a common thread throughout my experience at LUMI FIT: The staff was extremely inviting and it felt like everyone in the studio – instructors, members, staff – were part of one big family. It definitely had great energy!

About the Workout
I signed up for the 6:00 p.m. Jump N Tone class. The way it was explained to me, we would be working out on the trampoline and on the floor, alternating between cardio and strength training/core work over the course of 30 minutes. I was a little nervous because I had never taken a trampoline class before, and I hadn’t been on a solo trampoline in a very long time.

My instructor was Lumi herself! She was so warm and friendly, talking me through what we would be doing and making me feel less nervous.

The music was pretty great! High energy, fun, loud, and music I would normally love to dance to. When we were on our trampolines, we jumped to the beat, did high-knees, some upper body movements – a little bit of everything. I have to admit – it was hard! I could not get the timing down on my jumping, and I kept worrying that I was going to fall off. I was sweaty, felt uncoordinated, and was feeling pretty defeated until right around the end of class.

Lumi told everyone to “take 5,” and some people headed out, some people stayed, and some new people arrived. I was confused. Lumi came over to talk to me, and I asked her what happens now. She explained that the first class was over, and that the next Jump N Tone class would be starting shortly. I told her I really enjoyed this class, and asked how I could sign up for the next one. She told me that I wouldn’t have to do anything but just hang out until the next class started – they would sign me up for the next class FOR FREE 99! Mind. Blown.

While I had her attention, I asked her about how to jump to the beat. I felt like I was jumping too high, no matter how hard I tried. She explained that the key is to raise your knees a bit when you jump, and that it would make you jump quicker on the trampoline. By the time we started the next class, I felt like an old pro (almost), and while my quads were a lot sorer, I was right on the beat!

Overall, I got in a really great workout. I wanted to stay for the Zumba class that was immediately afterward, especially since it was also free, but couldn’t because I needed to get back home. I took a photo with Lumi and was out the door and back home in no time!

What’s The Cost?
I signed up for a free intro class. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but you can’t beat free! For each day that you sign up, you can try as many classes as you’d like on that day. My recommendation is to pick a day where you can get in a few workouts (they’re each 30 minutes) so that you can try a mixture of classes.

They have a $10/day drop-in fee for each day, or you can get a monthly membership which is about $60/month. Right now, they have a pretty sweet Groupon deal for two weeks of unlimited classes.

I like to supplement my gym workouts with other types of workouts, and on days when I can’t work out at my gym for whatever reason, I can easily pop into LUMI FIT and take as many classes in a day as I’d like! I’m definitely going to be coming back to try out some other classes and to get back on the trampoline. It was so much fun!

This is a great studio to try unique workouts. If you’re looking to mix up your routine, and don’t require rose gold scented dry shampoo, this is a great place for you! It’s inexpensive, everyone is there to workout and have fun, and the instructors have great energy. Go check them out!

Have you ever tried a trampoline workout? Do you supplement your gym workout with other studios?

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