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June Goals Check In and July Goals

It’s the beginning of the month, so it’s that time again: goal-setting time! As a recap, these were my June Goals:

  1. Try an EMOM workout
  2. Try two new fitness classes
  3. Hike in a new place
  4. Go for a bike ride
  5. Finish reading a book

So, how did I do?

Goal: Try an EMOM workout

Result: Almost fit it in, but almost doesn’t count! I’m going to keep this on my goals list for July because I really want to try one! I’ve bookmarked a few on Instagram and Pinterest, so we’ll see what I come up with!

Goal: Try two new fitness classes

Result: Check and check! I got to take a trampoline workout and a 30/30 HIIT/Megaformer class, and just in the nick of time! Both were great workouts, and I really enjoyed mixing things up and trying something new.

fitness trampoline workout
Checked out LUMI FIT Transformations for my first trampoline workout!

woman on assault bike
My first time trying out the Assault bike!

Goal: Hike in a new place 

Result: Done! And I think I’m going to keep this on my list for each month because I just really love this! I went on my first solo hike in a while, but I had such a great time! Unfortunately, the day after my hike, I ended up with bronchitis. ☹️ Rude.

Goal: Go for a bike ride 

Result: Big. Fat. Nope. I’m going to recycle this one for July, though, because I really want to ride my bike this summer! I really have no excuse.

Goal: Finish reading a book

Result: Man, I really struck out this month, huh? I put a good dent in a book I’ve been reading (affiliate link), but I still haven’t finished it. I want to finish this book this month at the bare minimum – and write a review to share with all of you!

July Goals

So, what am I adding to my goals list?

  1. Figure out what is causing me inflammation! In June, I dealt with some weight gain and bloating – despite eating healthier and getting more exercise. I had a lot of stomach issues in June, and just was not feeling great about myself. I want to get to the root cause so that I can avoid these problems in the future!
  2. Take transformation photos at the beginning and end of the month. I’m really bad at this, but I want to get better. They’re more for myself than anyone else, but I still want to take them!

My final list for my July goals:

  1. Try an EMOM workout
  2. Hike in a new place
  3. Go for a bike ride
  4. Finish reading a book
  5. figure out what’s causing me inflammation
  6. take transformation photos

So, there you have it! Stay tuned to see how I handle this month’s goals!
Do you set goals regularly? Have you ever set specific fitness goals? Are your goals based on specific metrics or experiences?

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