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Fear The Walking Dead Bingo

I absolutely LOVE making bingo boards for TV shows! They’re especially fun for season finales, and can give you something to chat about during the commercials. (Plus, there’s the added fun of checking to see who’s paying attention!)

Last week, I watched the premiere of the new AMC show, Fear The Walking Dead. I’m torn on how I felt about the premiere, but I also felt the same way upon watching the series premiere of The Walking Dead. I, of course, continued watching TWD, and now watch it regularly with my family on Sunday nights after volleyball. It has become a ritual!

Tonight, after my coed volleyball playoffs, I’ll be watching Fear The Walking Dead with my parents and youngest brother. I love munching on yummy snacks while watching the show, and it’s always fun to watch the reactions of everyone in the room.

Now, for your Sunday Fear The Walking Dead pleasure, I bring you my Fear The Walking Dead bingo board! Enjoy!

Fear The Walking Dead bingo board

Are you watching Fear The Walking Dead? Who is your favorite character? What are some other TV bingo boards you would like to see on Flecks of Lex? I love live tweeting shows like this, so make sure you are following me on Twitter! I’d love to Twitter chat with you during the show! (No spoilers, so don’t worry, West Coasters!)

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