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Fit Fashion: October in Fabletics

The Fabletics October line is fire! When I received a preview of some of the outfits, I could not decide what I wanted! Fabletics always knows the way to my heart, and this October collection feels like they really just get me!

This month, I received the City Life 3-Piece Outfit, courtesy of Fabletics. This outfit included the following pieces:

  • Venture Puffer Coat
  • Kylie Cargo Jogger
  • Camila Seamless Top
If you watched my Reel this week, then you saw this outfit from every angle possible. If you hadn’t seen my Reel… well… here it is!

Venture Puffer Coat

It’s not quite cold enough for me to wear a puffer coat, but we’re getting closer to that October chill, and I’m going to wear the heck out of it once the temperature drops another 10-20 degrees! I love a good puffer coat, and this Venture Puffer Coat is different from my other coats, plus it covers my bum, which is a must-have for my winter coats. I find that it keeps me warmer when my core and my bum are covered. Is that the case for you?

Kylie Cargo Jogger

I think I wore these joggers three times in one week. They are so comfortable! I didn’t want to take these bad boys off once I put them on. I’ll also be wearing the heck out of these, and the good news is that I don’t even have to wait for the temperature to drop any! They have lots of pockets, they’re warm, and I love the fit. So happy with these!

Camila Seamless Top

This top is so cute! I haven’t totally gotten over my image issues around wearing crop tops, but tops like this are certainly making me feel a little more comfortable! I felt strong and powerful in this top, and it’s super comfortable! I love the detailing in the back, too. I think I’m going to be wearing this with a lot of different bottoms – especially since it’s black!
It’s similar to my top from last month, but I prefer the neckline and the fit on this one. Fabletics is killing it with their seamless items this summer and fall, and this top is no exception. I’m a big fan!

I love my outfit, and I love the new Fabletics October collection. The designers hit the nail on the head this month, and I’m really excited for the winter collection! I think that Fabletics really excels in the summer and fall, but this October collection has me really optimistic for the winter!

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