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I Have Been One Lazy Lima Bean

Okay, so maybe I’m being a little hard on myself, but it’s kind of true. I’ve been slacking off with my running for weeks, and I haven’t gone inside my gym in just as long. It is not a good situation, you guys.

I was training for a half marathon, and quite diligently. I think the combination of half marathon training and playing what has become 4 nights a week of volleyball was a bit hard on my legs. I started having some knee issues, and I decided I needed to cut out some activity. Of course that meant running, because I can’t just not play volleyball. Let’s be real. Plus, I would really let my teammates down.
Last week, I woke up on Thursday morning with a pinched nerve. That son-of-a-gun has been driving me CRAZY! It definitely affected volleyball, but more importantly, it affected my sleep. I was going to run a zombie 5K race with one of my friends

This week, I’m really going to focus on my health and fitness. My weight has been fluctuating again because I’ve lost focus, and I’m not feeling as strong and energized as I felt a few weeks ago. The good news is that I have all of the tools and knowledge I need to be successful.

To kick start a healthy weekend, I went for a run after work yesterday. I timed myself running a mile, and actually did my quickest mile with my new-ish Garmin watch! Granted, I think that each mile took me three days to run when I was running regularly, but hey — it’s the little things! It felt good to hit the pavement again, and I got in some good stretching in my hammies afterwards.

I need to get back in the (running) game and get my act together. I’m going to focus, you guys! I have to! I’m going to stop making excuses and get my meal plan together for the week. I’m just going to stop being a hot mess. Oh! And I’m going to win some volleyball playoff games this week! Can I get an amen?

What are some of your goals for the fall? Have you been consistent with your training? 

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