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Lex Reviews Sports Bras: The Flex Sports Bra™

SHEFIT The Flex Sports Bra Review

For the first review in this series, I’m reviewing the SHEFIT The Flex Sports Bra™. This was my first time trying out a SHEFIT sports bra. I’ve seen lots of advertising about this brand, and many of my friends have highly recommended these sports bras. They convinced me to try out the brand!

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  • Brand: SHEFIT
  • Style: The Flex Sports Bra™
  • Color: Watermelon Sorbet – This is a limited edition color, so you’ll have to check the SHEFIT website for availability.
  • Cost: $75 – I got it on sale for $45 on Cyber Monday. Most high-impact sports bras I’ve purchased average about $60, which may seem a bit pricy, but I think it’s important to pay for good quality sports bras, especially since I wear sports bras most days – and sometimes twice a day!
  • Support/Impact Type: Medium-Impact – Because I wasn’t paying attention, I tested this out as a high-impact sports bra, and it actually worked out for me! (Keep scrolling for more details about how I tested it out.)
  • Size: Luxe – This is my size for SHEFIT sports bras. Normally, I wear a 34DD/E, which corresponds to Luxe in this brand. This was true-to-size.
  • Final Score: 4.8/5

What I received in the mail was a nice garment bag with a motivational phrase on the outside, a ribbon hair tie, and a tape measure. Having the garment bag was key because it means that I can use it to wash this sports bra in the machine!

When I placed this order, I actually received two sports bras, and they both came with their own garment bag, ribbon hair tie, and tape measure. Further, the garment bags had different phrases on them!


The SHEFIT sports bras run from an A to an I cup in the sizing, and the sizes run from Extra Small to 6 Luxe. I measured myself before placing my order, particularly because I didn’t understand their sizing convention. I wear a 34DD/E, which corresponds to a Luxe in SHEFIT sizing (I think they use Luxe rather than Large – I would normally wear a Medium in letter sizing).

This sports bra was true-to-size for me, as I measured myself in advance, and the size that arrived was exactly the size I was expecting.

I really appreciate that the measurements came into play when it came to the sizing because, as I explained in my intro to this series, it can be the wild west out in the sports bra world when it comes to sizing! You never really know which size you wear in one brand compared to another! There are also two different adjustment points – the band and the straps – on this sports bra, which makes it even easier for you to find the right fit.


When it comes to bounce, I did not have any issues with this sports bra – something particularly impressive when you consider that this is actually a medium-impact sports bra that I was testing out as a high-impact sports bra. Normally, in a medium-impact bra, there’s a better chance that I’m bouncing all over the place on a run. This was not the case with this sports bra!

For my test, I wore this sports bra while out on a couple mile run and three hours of volleyball in one night. I also did some HIIT workouts and wore it for cycling just to really give it a good test for sweat and for a wide variety of activities.


This was the first category where I had to take off a point for the final score. One of the two negatives in this sports bra was the coverage. In general, the coverage in this sports bra is great! I didn’t have lots of cleavage, which meant that I wasn’t nervous about spilling out of my sports bra or popping out while jumping.

Nonetheless, the sports bra doesn’t have removable or permanent cups, and the lining just wasn’t quite thick enough for me, so I definitely had some major nipple action. For some folks, this might not be discouraging, but for me, it was enough to deduct a point from the final score. I always prefer just a little bit of light padding because I’m self-conscious about having hard nipples while I’m teaching a class. I’m all about freeing the nipples, I suppose – I’m just not there with doing it myself just yet!

SHEFIT The Flex Sports Bra zipper front

Cut and Style


The color is beautiful! The one I purchased came in the limited edition color Watermelon Sorbet. It also has some cool splatter detailing on the size in a lavender color.

Front Style

This sports bra has a zip-up front, which is one of my favorite features in a sports bra. There’s something truly satisfying about unzipping your sports bra after a killer workout, volleyball game, or run, and setting yourself free!
There are two hooks that you connect before zipping it up with what is truly an innovative design, as simple a concept as it seems!
I love that they have a piece of fabric called the “zipper garage,” which allows you to cover both the top and the bottom of the zipper. This was the first time I’d seen this in a sports bra, but you’d think every brand would be doing this! This was one of the ways I could tell that the SHEFIT brand really put a lot of thought into the design of their sports bras.

Back Style

It has a cross-back style but fits well under the racerbacks and cap sleeve shirts I wore over it.


Some people don’t like wider bands on their bras – whether they’re sports bras or regular bras. I sometimes don’t like them either if they’re too wide or long because they tend to roll up when I’m playing volleyball and can get really unpleasant if I start sweating heavily.

While the band on this sports bra is thick, I found the width to be great! It didn’t roll up on me, and it wasn’t drenched in sweat either (more on that below).


What SHEFIT recommends for this sports bra is that you do the following: Zip it, cinch it, and adjust it. You can hook and zip up the front of the sports bra, then adjust the band – which utilizes a velcro material, by the way – then, you adjust the straps to provide a bit of lift or shorten/lengthen the straps as you need.

I think that having all of these adjustment points are what makes this sports bra fit really well – in addition to the sizing matching your actual measurements!

If you don’t like the feel of velcro, this is probably not the sports bra for you because it has a lot of it! I’m cool with velcro. In fact, I wish more of my sports bras had velcro as opposed to those dang hooks in the back! I mean, really. Do I need to throw my shoulder out of the joint in order to get a bra on or off?


Despite the seamless front design, it has a lot of structure to it, which is why I blindly tested it out as a high-impact sports bra. One thing that concerned me when I first put the sports bra on was that it was so structured that it was going to cut into my armpit area, which happens with some of my dud sports bras. When this happens, it tends to lead to chafing while I’m out for a long run.

Fortunately, that was not the case here. I was happily proven wrong here!

SHEFIT The Flex Sports Bra back

Sweat Factor

With this sports bra, I did not have issues with sweat! Considering how much activity I performed in this sports bra, especially the night where I taught my spin class and then played three hours of volleyball, I wasn’t all sweaty or dealing with any irritated skin.
SHEFIT order came with the sports bra, garment bag, and tape measure

Final Thoughts

I give The Flex Sports Bra™ a 4.8 out of 5. 
The only reason I can’t give them a 5/5 is because of that whole nipple coverage issue and the cost. If this was truly a high-impact sports bra, I probably wouldn’t have lowered their score for the cost, but considering that this is a medium-impact sports bra (which I know now), I just think that $75 is steep.
I enjoyed the shipping process because it was quick and it came with extra items. Every brand should send you a garment bag, that way you can wash your sports bras in the same load and avoid having to handwash them! Shoot – regular bras should come this way too!
I wore this as a high-impact sports bra, and I will continue to use it as such, but I think it’s best to use your own judgment here! This is a great sports bra, and I won’t be returning this one!

What’s Next?

I am currently testing out a SHEFIT high-impact sports bra, so stay tuned! I will be publishing more sports bra reviews soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel so that you know when new episodes are published!

Have you ever tried the SHEFIT brand? Do you have questions about this or any other sports bra? Leave a comment or send me a message! 

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