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Step Up Your Coffee Game with DD Perks

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dunkin’ Brands. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Want to know a secret that’s not really a secret? I am a major coffee lover. Like, I have a coffee maker 5 feet from my bed, coffee lover. I’m not ashamed, though. Coffee gets me going in the morning, and really helps give me that extra boost when I have a long day with a late-night community meeting tacked on at the end. Thank you, coffee!

Another not-so-secret secret? I am a huge fan of loyalty programs, especially when I can just quickly download an app on my phone that helps me keep track of my purchases. It’s 2014, and I love having the option to carry around less stuff. Thank you, technology!

So, was I excited when I learned that I had the opportunity to promote the DD Perks Rewards Program? DUH! I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee! I love that I can buy an iced coffee where I don’t have to put in all of the cream and sugar the world has to offer. They ask me if I want cream and sugar, I say yes, and they always put in the right amount. I also love that I can buy Dunkin’ Donuts k-cups for my Keurig machine so that I can set the alarm for the machine, and get my coffee on first thing in the morning. I miss working directly across the street from the Dunkin’ Donuts by my old office. I used to up my Fitbit steps and get my caffeine on. It was glorious! I can almost smell the coffee and donuts from here! Mmmm… donuts…

Okay, okay, okay. I know. I’m talking about coffee so much, I’m going to want some, and I can’t have any right now because I have to go to bed soon!

So, back to DD Perks. What is it exactly? Basically, you earn points any time you use your registered Dunkin’ Donuts Card, either through the mobile app, or the hard version (if you like to have something to carry around). When I registered my DD Card, I used the Android app. It was super quick and easy, which was great. Some apps take you so long to load them and register, it completely turns me off from wanting to use it. I just give it the stink eye and keep it moving.

How do you earn points and, more importantly, free stuff? Well, you earn five points for every dollar. Once you hit 200 points, you earn a free drink of your choice! Now, to sweeten the deal, Dunkin’ Donuts can throw some bonus points your way. Back in June, they gave each exiting member 100 free points! You go, Dunkin’ Donuts! If you are a social media junkie, you can  check out their Facebook page for scoops on deals, and they also have an active Twitter account.

Before midnight, make sure you register, and if you do, use the word “BLOG” as your promo code. Do that, and you’ll earn $5 for your card! Then, you know what you do? You take your phone with you to Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning, and get yourself some of that coffee goodness. I know I will!

Are you a coffee lover? How do you take your coffee? Do you have any shameless coffee habits?

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