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Beauty Time Out: Micellar Cleansing Water

Every once in a while, I end up in a beauty blog/Instagram/Pinterest hole. I never know how I get into them, and rarely know how to get out, but they usually result in me buying something to try out at home. This time, the result was me purchasing some Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water along with the Always Off Makeup Remover Cloths.
Now, you might be thinking, doesn’t this lady rarely wear makeup? Yes, it’s true that I don’t usually wear makeup; however, in my never-ending beauty tip hole (which, quite frankly, doesn’t sound quite right), I learned that micellar water can be used as a general cleanser, and is good for sensitive skin. 
What exactly is is micellar water? This post from Elle is a pretty good primer. 

“Turns out micellar water has been around for over a hundred years, first gaining momentum in France, where it was designed to help Parisians deal with the region’s infamously harsh water supply. The formula is made of micelles, which are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water.” – Christa Joanna Lee, Elle magazine 

You’re supposed to use clean cotton pads with micellar water, but I’m a shameless Amazon Prime member, so I bought the little cloths that were suggested. (I rinse them out when I’m done, and I’ve thrown them in the wash at the end of the week.) Nonetheless, the couple of times I’ve used the micellar water for makeup removal, I’ve used cotton balls. Don’t need mascara marks all over the cloth!

So, does it work?

Heck yes! This stuff is amazing! For makeup, I could get everything off in basically just one gentle wipe. As a daily cleanser, I really love it! It’s so gentle, doesn’t have a fragrance, squirts out just like water, and causes me no irritation whatsoever. On top of all of that, it’s pretty cheap!

My best friend and I were joking last night about how easy it would be to just squirt micellar water at someone to get all of their makeup off. It was a ridiculous conversation that really requires no context, but you get my point, right? It just gets everything off so easily! I now use the micellar water when I get home from volleyball or the gym, as well as first thing in the morning. It feels so good on my skin!

I definitely recommend giving it a try! It feels great, it’s low cost, and it’s great for all skin types!

Have you ever fallen into a beauty hole? What kinds of products have you purchased because of it? Do you use a cleanser regularly?

Note: This is not a sponsored post, but it does include Amazon affiliate links. My opinion on this micellar water is my opinion!

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