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Lex Loves Hex: A Review of the Best Sports Detergent on the Market

If you’ve attended any DMV Fitness Fam events or talked to me about funky gym clothes in the last year, I’ve probably shared my love of HEX Performance detergent with you.

Current status: Swearing by it.

In the summer, I may have fewer articles of gym clothing to wear, but I find that they’re like 50x funkier than my winter gym clothes! I’m positive it’s because I’m doing so much more outdoors and that I’m sweating more as a result, but regardless, it ain’t great.

This is where HEX comes in handy. They have this awesome Anti-Stink Spray that helps freshen up my gear, plus their amazing detergent.

It really has performed miracles on my athleticwear! My running jackets and sports bras, in particular, were in need of some love. When you buy high-quality items that can be pricier than something you might pick up at TJ Maxx or Target, you want to protect that investment. Who wants to buy a Lululemon running jacket for $100+ and only be able to wear it once because it’s too stinky to wear it in public again?? When you protect your clothes by taking good care of them and using the right detergent, you’re really protecting your investment in quality clothing, right?

Fun fact: I use their detergent on my activewear and my regular clothes. 😮 HEX was designed for activewear, but it works great on most – if not all – fabrics!

Some Other HEX Fun Facts

  • Why is it called HEX? I thought it was because it put a hex on my funky clothes. This was incorrect. I know that’s pretty shocking, right? The real reason it’s called HEX is because of the shape of their cleaning molecule. I like my explanation better, though. 😜
  • When HEX dries, it creates an invisible, odorless shield to protect fabrics against damage.  
  • HEX has the only fabric softener that is safe to use on activewear.
  • Bonus awesomeness? HEX is biodegradable, ecofriendly, and it’s not tested on our furry friends. 
Now on to the real reason you’re here today: The sweet HEX Performance Giveaway!

Giveaway (CLOSED)
One winner will receive a HEX Performance Detergent Prize Pack with goodies from HEX! You must be a resident of the continental United States in order to win the prize! 
Please complete the Rafflecopter below to enter to win. Reminder: You have to comment on this blog post for your entry to be valid! Liking this Instagram post provides bonus points, as do the other entry methods included below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait to try out HEX? You can order your own on Amazon, but they are also available in many Target, Publix and Meijer stores.

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  1. I keep trying to get perspiration stains out and have tried everything I can think of and I cannot get the stains out. Maybe HEX will do the trick

  2. I keep trying to get perspiration stains out and have tried everything I can think of and I cannot get the stains out. Maybe HEX will do the trick

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