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April 5K by 5PM Challenge

You guys have heard of my #4Kby4PM giveaway, but this month, I’m doing something different; this month, I am joining my friend Tikima (of Tikima Renee Fitness) for a #5Kby5PM giveaway challenge! We want to challenge everyone to try to get in 5,000 steps by 5pm each day in the month of April. It’s more of a challenge this month, as most of us are stuck social distancing in our homes, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Instead, it means we’re going to have to get up and move around a bit more than we might have in the month of March.

I’m really looking forward to this month’s challenge! I definitely have not been moving around enough during the day, so this will make me pay more attention to how long I’m sitting throughout the day, encouraging me to try to get outside and take a walk in the middle of the day instead of relying on a little bit of fitness after a long day of work or cramming everything into the weekends.

Have you found yourself being more sedentary than usual during this pandemic? Maybe a little less motivated? I know that this comes in waves for me, and the last two days have seemed very long, and very draining. There have been countless articles written – particularly in the last week and a half – about how to deal with anxiety and stress associated with social distancing. A quick Google search produces articles like this one, which is certainly worth a read. Heck! Even the CDC has written about managing your mental health and coping with stress and anxiety during this COVID-19 pandemic!

It’s hard to stay optimistic when you really don’t know how long you will have to sustain this level of optimism! One way to distract yourself? Participating in this challenge!

How to Participate

The basic idea is to engage with Tikima and me on social media. At the end of the month, each of us will pick someone who has been posting and tagging us all month, and we’ll give them a $25 Amazon gift card. That simple! We want you to try to hit 5,000 steps by 5:00 PM (from whichever time zone you’re in!) each day in the month of April. An easy way to hold yourself accountable and submit content so that you can be considered for a prize is to take a photo of your pedometer or smartwatch and tag us in your photo (and don’t forget to use the #5Kby5PM hashtag!). There may be days where you don’t hit 5,000 steps, but don’t worry: you will not be disqualified for this!
You will be disqualified, however, if you don’t even enter the Rafflecopter widget below! Make sure you enter here so that we have your contact information in case you win! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules

Must be 18 years or older to participate. Must be a resident of the continental United States.

This challenge/giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Giveaway host will verify entries. **Absolutely no giveaway accounts!**

In order to be considered for a prize, you must first enter this Rafflecopter giveaway.  Additional entries are gained by tagging #5Kby5PM and both @flecksoflex and @tikimareneefitness on social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), as well as by engaging on social media with our accounts by liking, sharing, commenting, reposting,  engaging with our stories and live videos, etc.

Alexis and Tikima will each choose one winner based on their engagement throughout the challenge.

Winners will be contacted by email and will have 24-hours to respond before they are disqualified and a new winner is selected.

Well, What Do You Think?

Are you down for this challenge? What would you buy with an Amazon gift card? How do you plan on hitting this step goal? Please share your answers in the comments below! Good luck everyone!

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