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My Top 5 Must-Have Items from Grove Collaborative

My Top 5 Must-Have Items from Grove Collaborative

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It’s been a long time since I last wrote about my experience with Grove Collaborative, so I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you my top five must-have items from this awesome company.

There are a lot of things to love about Grove Collaborative and a ton of green cleaning products I now can’t live without that I’ve discovered through Grove.

What is Grove Collaborative?

According to the Grove Collaborative website:

We exclusively carry products that meet our standards for being non-toxic, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free. We value safety, transparency, social welfare and exclusively work with partners who do, too. We also carbon offset every shipment that goes out our door. 

After your first Grove order we’ll set you up with personalized, scheduled Grove shipments, so you’ll never run out of the products you love. By default orders come every month, but the frequency and products in each order are completely up to you!

Grove sells household cleaning products, personal care products, beauty items, products for your baby, and even items for your pet! As you add things to your cart, Grove makes recommendations for other items you might like, and they also add them to future shipments by default so that you don’t have to worry about restocking later. The good news is that you can always swap out items, skip months, or delete items altogether. 

For example, I always order hand soap, and it automatically adds them to my cart, but I can still go in and change the quantity or the fragrance, or even swap out one pump for a refill tub. This is all to say that you have a lot of flexibility with your orders!

You don’t have to order every month, and you can set up your shipments to arrive sooner. I once went months without ordering, and I didn’t receive any sort of penalty, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

My Top 5 Must-Have Items from Grove Collaborative

What I Love About Grove

  • I can get high quality, environmentally-friendly products at a great price! I learned fairly early on the aforementioned hand soaps, for example, were more expensive for me to buy at Target  – not only because I cannot go into Target and just buy the one thing I need, but also because the actual price of the apples-to-apples item was higher at Target! 
  • It’s super convenient! Cleaning supplies are one of those things where I always forget to refill something, and I don’t realize it until it’s time for me to actually use that thing. With Grove, they send you a friendly reminder that it’s almost time for your next shipment, and all you have to do is make sure everything is in there that you need! 
  • Grove Collaborative has an app! I love technology, particularly when it makes mundane but necessary tasks easy and even a little fun!
  • The variety is great! There are so many wonderful brands and products that it actually makes cleaning fun and exciting! 
  • When it ships, products are wrapped with recycled paper, so you don’t have the waste in shipping that you might have with other companies. I love how they pay attention to even the small details most people wouldn’t even notice!

Okay, so now, let’s get to our list here, shall we? I want to start by sharing that these products are in no particular order. These are just my five must-have items, and they’re important to me for different reasons. There are plenty of other items that I love, but these particular products tend to regularly show up in my monthly shipments!

Grab Green Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods packaging

Grab Green Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods

These pods are the truth! Take your grimiest, most caked-on, crustiest pans, add hot water, drop one of these pods in, and wait for the magic to happen. I have seen trays that were rocked by roasted vegetables and olive oil, baking dishes that were caked on with lasagne, and even my InstaPot got taken to task this one time in particular. With these pods, there’s no “soaking it overnight” necessary.

My mom actually gave me my first package of these wonderful cleaning pods. (She’s a Grove member as well.) She was raving about them and told me I had to try them. I was immediately sold on them! Whenever I feel like I might be running low, I go ahead and order more because I know that I’m going to use them and that they’re going to make things easier for me. There is nothing fun about soaking and scrubbing a pan to an inch within its life!

Method Hand Soap (Gel and Foaming)

I really love this soap, y’all! I’ve started buying some of Mrs. Meyer’s brand of soap refills, but Method’s gel and foaming soap gives me life! I’ve been buying these for so long that I know which fragrances are my favorites, which ones go in my kitchen and which ones are best suited for the bathroom, and that the foam goes at the kitchen sink, while the gel goes in the bathroom. 
While writing up this post, I learned that Method makes a refill for the pink grapefruit version (that one goes in the bathroom), so I’m adding it to my list right away! I really prefer their fragrances to other brands. I mean, it’s hand soap. There’s only so much I can tell you about it, right? Just trust me: Method’s soap is my jam! 

Mrs. Meyer's dish soap

Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap

Where I prefer the Method brand of hand soap, I definitely prefer Mrs. Meyer’s brand of dish soap! I think I prefer Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap for the same reason I’m not super in love with their hand soap: The smell is powerful! I like my hands to be clean, but they don’t need to smell overwhelmingly like the soap I just used. With my dishes, however, I want them to smell sparkling clean! The orange clove fragrance of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap covers all of the bases for me. First of all, it does a great job of actually cleaning my dishes. Secondly, it smells so good, it kind of makes you want to taste it. (I won’t, though, so don’t worry. But it just smells that good.)

Mrs. Meyer’s does a lot of seasonal fragrances, but I loved the fall lines so much that I bought a few of each product so that I could smell it for months to come! I say that because it looks like you can’t currently buy the orange clove fragrance from Grove; however, there are lots of great spring fragrances available!

Method Glass + Surface Cleaner spraying on glass mirror


Method Glass + Surface Cleaner

Method’s Glass + Surface Cleaner is a great green product to substitute for Windex. It doesn’t have that chemical sort of smell and instead smells minty (that’s my favorite fragrance of the two available). I discovered throughout the process of shopping with Grove Collaborative that I like citrus and mint when it comes to cleaning smells. Very different from my bleach and Lysol days!

Seventh Generation cleaning wipes

Seventh Generation Multi-Purpose Wipes

It took a while for me to find these, but they work great and I love the smell! These are not compostable, so I will have to transition to compostable ones in the very near future. Regardless, I love ordering cleaning wipes from Grove because they’re something I use every day, and they always come at a great price!

How Do I Sign Up?

After reading this post, I know you just want to jump on the Grove Collaborative party bus, so here’s how! Click on my referral link. With this link, you will receive a free Mrs. Meyers set, free shipping, and a free VIP trial on your first shipment! Start loading up your shopping cart, decide when you want to have your items shipped, and you are good to go!

Another option: With this link, you receive a 5-piece Rooted & Grove Collaborative gift set with your first purchase of $20 or more.

Transitioning to more sustainable cleaning products is better for the environment, and it’s better for you. Making the decision to use green cleaning products has made the air in my kitchen and bathroom, in particular, smell so much clearer and cleaner! I don’t have to open up a window in either room to “air out” the chemicals in the room. Who would want to air out the smell of citrus and mint anyway?

I’ve really been hard at work at greening my lifestyle. Some people think it’s always more expensive to do environmentally conscious things, but I think it’s just the opposite. It’s usually not more expensive to buy green products, and even if it was, it’s really an investment in our future! Once you transition out of reliance on heavy chemicals, you will start to see just how fresh and clean your home can really smell!

Have you ever tried green cleaning products? What has been the hardest chemical for you to part ways with? Have you ever shopped with Grove Collaborative? What was your experience?

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