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10 Things I’m Bringing With Me to 2019

La Jolla Cove with sea lions

So I told you what I’m leaving behind in 2018, so let me tell you what I’m taking with me into the new year! This list comprises different mindsets, actions, and items I want to bring with me into 2019 so that I can have as productive and successful a year as possible.

  1. An optimistic outlook – I ended the last quarter of 2018 with a bang, and I’m hopeful and optimistic about keeping the good energy rolling into 2019! With a new career that I’m super excited about, a healthy work environment, and an unmatched support team of family and friends, I am so ready to take on 2019!
  2. Taking “me” time – A good massage every once in a while is such an amazing investment, and I’m so sad it took me so long to realize this! I want to make sure I continue to take some “me” time every so often. Both my mind and body benefit from it, and tuning everything out for an hour is so necessary sometimes! The infrared sauna is also a new friend of mine, and I’m so glad I met her! In 2019, I’d like to finally give cryotherapy a try.
    prana fitness clothing
  3. Prana – I love their casual clothing, and I love that I actually have free time now so I can wear casual clothing! Now that I’m working a job with more regular hours, I can actually go and do stuff after work and on the weekend! You know, like visit my unmatched support team and, I don’t know, go see a movie or something. The Prana Cardiff Collection, as well as their jeans, have gotten me through the holidays and other casual events. I just love how the hemp items don’t get funky or seem to collect a lot of food smells – something that I was particularly aware of when I was living out of a suitcase for the last week. This isn’t meant to be a sponsored post or anything. I’m just so excited that I found a brand that has jeans that make my booty pop and are eco-friendly! They rock, and I’m so glad I got to work with them this year.
    Wildscape Foods
  4. Healthy prepared meals – Instead of thinking I can do ALL. THE. THINGS. ALL. THE. TIME, I finally admitted to myself that sometimes I need a little extra help. Starting this fall, I started picking up some easy meals to microwave on nights where I’m super busy, or where there’s a short window where I can eat before I restart my fasting. (I’m definitely bringing intermittent fasting with me into 2019, btw.)
  5. Udemy courses to help me become a better, smarter me. I seriously love Udemy! I never heard of it until I attended BlogFest this year, but it’s amazing! The first course I took was on Google Analytics, and I used that knowledge to pass the test to receive my Google Analytics Certification! I know that sounds super nerdy, but now that I have left my career in government/politics, and have begun my career as a marketing and communications director, this is really valuable for me! I’ve signed up for a bunch of classes recently (I love those $9.99 deals!), and am probably most excited about my graphic design class.
    DMV Fitness Fam at Vortex Cycle in Tysons Corner, Virginia
  6. DMV Fitness Fam – If you didn’t know, I co-founded a new, inclusive fitness community in what is known as the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) with my friend Vida Bratton. We have hosted a few events now, and we have a bunch more in store for 2019! I am so fortunate to have met some amazing people through DMV Fitness Fam, and can’t wait to make even more friends as we grow DMV Fitness Fam in 2019.
  7. A spirit of exploration, metaphorically and literally. I have enjoyed hiking over the years, and have gotten a little more serious about it in 2018. In 2019, I want to explore a little further, and maybe even go on a few more solo hikes. I’d also like to try some new things outside of fitness, such as some artistic endeavors or building things on my own. That spirit of exploration has allowed me to find joy in unexpected places, and I think has made me a more well-rounded person.
  8. More patience with things that matter, less patience for foolishness. I dealt with a lot of foolishness in 2018, and I think that made me impatient at times when I really shouldn’t be. This year, I’m not suffering as many fools or foolishness, and I’m going to focus on being more patient with the things that truly matter.
  9. Learning more about how my body works. I did some fitness genetic testing, and I would like to do a body scan. The testing really taught me a lot about my body, and I just want to keep learning more! The knowledge I’ve attained thus far has enabled me to make some tweaks to my fitness routine that have made it a little easier for me to lose weight and get more sleep (read: recover better!). In 2019 I want to learn all the things!
  10. The love of travel – I didn’t get to travel as much in 2018 as I would’ve liked, but I’m going to continue loving travel and will seek out more opportunities to tap into this love throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Here’s what some of my fit friends are bringing with them:

Emily Hardeman

As 2018 draws to a close and the calendar flips to 2019 simplicity is the top of mind for me. Simplifying life in as many ways as possible is my priority. Not only does simplification create more ease it creates more space for new and better things to arrive into. In the later months of 2018, I worked on simplifying my finances and wardrobe. In early 2019 I am going to be focused on simplifying everything from my weekly meal prep process to my workouts. Simplicity creates more mental clarity, there is less to think and worry about. Because life is more organized it creates more time that can be spent on new and/or more fulfilling things. It creates a sense of freedom that can open new doors to make way for a better life. So here is to a simple and streamlined 2019!

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist
Tikima Renee Fitness

For years, I have equated mindfulness with meditation, but I slowly learned in 2018 that mindfulness is about so much more than meditation. Mindfulness is just about being present, aware of who you are, what you are doing, how you are feeling, etc. 2018 was the year of meditation and I am excited to explore the realm of daily mindfulness in 2019.

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Lyn Lindbergh Couch to Active

My green velvet couch is most definitely coming with me. It’s where I make my best decisions.

Lyn Lindbergh
Author, Couch to Active

Nicci D'Amico Howard Stress Less Fat Loss

The thing I want to bring is the word I focused on for 2018, and add onto it. Last year’s word was “calm,” this year’s is “success.” I know I can’t be successful if I’m not calm. I’m pretty high-strung, so remaining calm (with my kids and with business duties alike!) will help me move more towards my successes with the right mindset.

Nicci D’Amico Howard
Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

What are you bringing with you to 2019? What were some of the highlights of your year that you’d like to expand on for the upcoming year. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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