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My November 2019 Goals

Can you believe it’s already November?? I know I can’t!! 2019 has just flown on by!

But, alas. Here we are. And here are my goals for November 2019 (with the huge caveat being that some of these will require my sprained ankle to be healed first!):

Attend All of My Swim Classes – I start swim classes this Sunday. I know how to swim, but my methods are totally unorthodox. Read: Trash. I want to learn proper techniques and to do so, I will need to regularly attend this weekly class. I’ll let you guys know shortly why I’m getting all gung-ho about swimming again. The secret is killing me!

Weekly Yoga – My goal is to try to get in a yoga practice each week, as my ankle can handle it. I signed up for a class after work tomorrow. It’s at my favorite local yoga studio. This will be my first time back at this studio since my doctor banned me, and I cannot wait! I’ve practiced a little bit of yoga here and there, so I know my body can handle it again. It’s just a matter of incorporating it back into my regular fitness routine at this point.

Weekly Strength Training – If I can do an all-over body strength training session each week, that would be ideal. I’m not going to turn into a bodybuilder overnight, so for me it’s all – once again – about getting it folded into my routine. For me, I excel in fitness when I have a regular schedule. It’s harder for me to make excuses, and I can still throw in a new workout every now and then.

Weekly Run – This weekend I’m going to try to go for a run. I should know after yoga class if my ankle is up to it. I’ll start out slow, running just a mile or two, and hopefully, I’ll be back into the 5K range in just a couple of weeks. I just really need to be careful and probably avoid the trails for the rest of this month as far as running goes.

FTP Test – Before the month is up, I hope to have completed my FTP test. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I just need to set aside some time and just do it!

Drop 3-5 Pounds – I think that I can easily accomplish this goal if I check off everything else on this list. The key will be keeping the weight off!

Try a new class – You might call this a forever goal of mine. It’s on my list – either written or just kept in my head – every month! This month, I think I want to try a boxing class or a HIIT class. Stay tuned!

Go for a Hike – We’re already being thrust into winter in the DC Metro Area, so this will be a bit of a challenge, but it’s totally doable! I usually hike in the fall, but it’s with a bit less frequency than in the summer.

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