An Exciting Announcement for Seventh Grade Me

Seventh grade Alexis couldn’t be more excited to announce:


I recently received the news, and I’ve been waiting to finally share it with all of you!

Over the weekend, I thought of the role adidas played in my formative years and in college, and I started to realize that I have quietly been a huge adidas fan for most of my life!

My favorite shoes in middle school were my white adidas Gazelles with metallic silver stripes. I wore those shoes until they had a huge hole in them, and I had no shame! That same year, I also received a pair of adidas slides – you know, the ones with the bumps on the footbed? – and I wore those up until about five years ago. I’m not going to tell you how many years that was, but I will tell you that I should have retired them and performed an upgrade at least a decade earlier.

In college, adidas was our sponsor when I played volleyball at both Rutgers-Newark and Long Island University-Brooklyn (I transferred from Rutgers after my freshman year to play Division I volleyball). We were absolutely swagger out in adidas when I was at LIU! From socks and sports bras to warm-ups and shoes, I had all adidas everything! In fact, I still wear a couple of my spandex shorts from those days. (I should probably retire those too, but I’m mostly impressed that I can still still wear them!)

I am really excited about this opportunity for a number of reasons, the main ones being that I’ve been a lifelong adidas fan, they’re making huge environmental sustainability efforts, and they’re’ committed to creating more opportunities for people of color within their corporate climate. This is a great time to start working with them, and I’m excited about these initiatives.

Anyway, I just needed you all to know that I am so hype about this. You’re about to see me adidas-ing it up a lot around here! Stay tuned!

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