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Fantasy Fitness Fashion: Swimsuits

I’ve never really been a big fan of swim suits. I don’t like the constant wedgie feeling (which is rich coming from a volleyball player, I know), and they always seem to smell pretty strange.

When I went to purchase a swimsuit earlier this week, I didn’t really have anything in mind except for the following requirements: one piece, not white, inexpensive. I went over to my local Sports Authority, and I was really shocked! They had a clearance section with just a few swimsuits, all of which were much too big for me. Bummer. A sales associate came over to offer assistance, and she directed me towards the actual swim section, which I really should have sought in the first place. Thanks, Loreal! (How could I forget a name like that?!)

Oh, boy. This was even worse! I had no idea how expensive regular old swimsuits are! If I am nowhere near an outlet (which is 95% of the time), Sports Authority is usually my go-to store for fitness gear. There are plenty in my area, and they’re usually pretty reasonably priced. Not that evening, let me tell you. Most of the suits I saw were in the $60-75 range. Holy smokes! Fortunately, the goggles and swim caps were way cheaper, so I bought one of each and headed out.

“Can you believe how expensive swimsuits are?! Geeeeeez!” I kept repeating to The Boyfriend, who is definitely amused by my new-found interest in swimming.

After we left the store, we headed towards Costco to pick up some groceries. When we were nearing the checkout line, I noticed some women’s swimsuits, and a sign that read “$19.99.” Now we’re talkin’!

There were a few granny styles, but most were pretty much what I was looking for. I ended up with a multicolored Speedo one piece, and quite a bit in savings. I still haven’t had an opportunity to try it on yet, but it’s all good; the folks at Costco told me that I could exchange it if it didn’t fit.

Over the past couple of days, I have done a little bit of online searching for swimsuits. It’s interesting how most popular athletic brands for the big team sports don’t really carry athletic swimwear. It was actually a bit of a challenge trying to find any decent-looking suits! Here are some that I found that I would consider purchasing if I had unlimited funds:

Available on nike.com, $74

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this suit is the very first review on this item. I would say that I’m glad to see that men are getting in this style of one-piece swimsuit, but it’s really more disturbing that exciting. There are some logistical concerns I have about this swimsuit in relation to its ability to cover up the junk region.

This was one of the most interesting suits I saw online, which is sort of sad. The colorblocking is cool, but it’s still not anything that would make someone seeing me in it say, “look at that hot chick flailing about in the water!” BORING!

Available on SpeedoUSA.com, $68
I like the color selection for this one. The Vivid Violent, Teal, and Ultraviolet are my favorite colors for this design. It’s still not anything super exciting, though.  

TYR Double Binding Reversible Diamondfit Swimsuit – Women’s

Available on REI.com, $71. 

This one is slightly more exciting, in that it is reversible, so you can mix it up whenever you want. REI has some pretty cool and helpful pointers for swimming and participating in triathlons. I’m definitely going to be spending a fair amount of time on their site over the next year.

Now, to wrap this up, let me share with you the things I’ve learned from looking around online for swimsuits:

  • They’re expensive. I’m not talking just for top-of-the-line suits, either. Most of the suits I spotted online were the same cost as the ones I saw in Sports Authority. I don’t get it! 
  • The colors are boring. It seems as though all of the brands only have four colors to choose from: blue, black, gray, and either teal, purple, or pink. Does anyone know the reasoning behind this? You would think they would at least have the same variety of swimsuit colors as they have sports bras — especially if you’re going to drop almost $100 for a swimsuit! 
  • The designs are boring, yet too complicated. Between the neckline, the back, and the cut of the leg holes, there are too many things to choose from, and yet most of the swimsuits I saw all look alike. Ahhhhh!
So, how do you choose a good swimsuit for recreation/fitness? Heck if I know. If you find out, can you let a sista know?

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