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Fit Fashion: February and March in Fabletics

I have been absolutely living in my Fabletics for the past month. The color palettes they’ve been using have been my favorite colors to wear, which has definitely made it hard not to stock up on ALL. THE. OUTFITS. It was also my birthday in February, so I decided to treat myself to a couple of fun outfits. 

Outfit #1: Aisley Seamless Bra, Seamless Long-Sleeve Crop Top, and High-Waisted Seamless Stripe Legging

This outfit was gifted to me by Fabletics. It’s no longer for sale as a three-piece outfit in the Lunar Blue Stripe, but you can still get the outfit in the sports bra and leggings or you can grab it in a different color but similar style (the Time To Sleigh 3-piece bundle).
I love the color as well as the retro style. What I didn’t love was that I was a bit… poochy in the first half of the month, so the seamless fabric is a little less forgiving. It did make for a pretty fun Instagram Reel, though!
I haven’t thrown the full outfit on since that day, but I think I’ll give it another try in the next week or two. It really is a fun outfit!

Outfit #2-4: Ambition 2-Piece Outfit, Eco-Conscious Muscle Tank, Mila High-Waisted Pocket Legging, High-Waisted Motion 365 Legging, Ryan Short-Sleeve Tie Up Tee

Ambition 2-Piece Outfit (Snake Print)

This print is so fun and is another one of my favorite colors to wear! I love that I can mix and match it with items I already own.

Eco-Conscious Muscle Tank

I love the color of this tank, and I love how lightweight it is, but I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed with the wicking on this one. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to have any moisture-wicking? I’m not sure. It was definitely very breathable, as I taught back-to-back indoor cycling classes in this outfit, but it was a soggy mess by the end – and I’m not even a super sweater! I’m going to wear it again because YOLO, but if you’re extra sweaty, you’ve been warned! 

Mila High-Waisted Pocket Legging

This is one of those Fabletics staples, so I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I’ve been needing some more print in my life, and this is definitely a fun one! Unfortunately, the sports bra was sold out, so I opted to buy the leggings on their own (plus, there was a fantastic sale).

High-Waisted Motion365 Legging

Again, this color is everything, and while I thought I hated this material, it turns out that I love this material! Okay, I recognize that sentence sounded stupid, so hear me out. I had another pair of leggings in what I can only gather is an older iteration of this material. I had one drop of sweat, and suddenly it looked like I had on the sweatiest pair of leggings ever! I was hesitant to buy these, but they felt great on me, and I did not sweat all up and through them. They look great, and they were able to withstand an indoor cycling doubleheader without issue. Note: I have been binging way too many Girlfriends episodes on Netflix.

Ryan Short-Sleeve Tie Up Tee

I’m on the fence with this one. I bought it to wear with the other leggings I purchased that day, and I did not like how it was fitting on me the day that I tried it on. I’m going to give it another try later this week to see if it looks any better this time around, but if not, this bad boy is going back. I’ll warn you: This top is sheer. You can’t really tell from the website thumbnail, but it’s very obvious in person!

Outfit #5: McKenzie Woven Jumpsuit (Madelaine Petsch Collection)

I’ll be honest: I have no idea who Madelaine Petsch is (and I’m not going to Google her again because I’m just going to forget again!). I’m an elder Millennial, as I like to say, so I don’t know who the kids are into these days. What I do know is that she’s had a couple of collections with Fabletics, and I’ve liked some of her more fashion-forward pieces. 

Just in case you’re paying close attention to my favorite celeb collabs: This doesn’t mean I’m not waiting for Kelly Rowland to come out with another collection, but Madelaine has some cute taste.

I’m so glad that I ordered the McKenzie Woven Jumpsuit in a size up. It has no stretch to it, and your girl hasn’t had chicken legs since middle school, so this was a wise decision! I love how fun, fashionable, and carefree I felt in this outfit! It’s such a great color, and I love how easy it is to look effortlessly chic in jumpsuits. The ties on the front felt a bit random, but I decided to play around with them and come up with different knots and ties for them, like a little fashion navy cadet. 
I can’t wait to see what other fun outfits Fabletics is coming out with. They’ve been hitting it out of the park over the past month! It’s almost like they’re reading my mind!

Get 2 pairs of Fabletics leggings for $24 when you use this link to sign up as a VIP! Questions about how Fabletics works? Check out this post for details. 

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