March 2021 Goals

My February started out so strong, yet ended so… blah. I feel mentally and physically exhausted, writing this, but I think a little evening goal-setting will help me feel a little better!

How Did I Do in February?

In a nutshell: Meh.
To recap, my February 2021 goals were:
  • Go on 4 hikes: I went on exactly one. In my defense, it’s been pretty rainy and snowy, so most of the days I would’ve gone hiking were way too wet to do so. Further, I really don’t like hiking in the mud because I’m already clumsy, so I don’t need anything assisting me with getting injured!
  • Finish a book: I’ve been reading a few at the same time, which of course means that I haven’t finished any of them yet. Whoops. I really need to sit down and get through one of them jokers instead of trying to read everything at once! 
  • Reset my nutrition: This is arguably the most important thing on the list, and I’m happy to say that I’ve actually checked it off the list! I’ve taken a much more serious approach to my fitness goals, and I’m looking forward to checking in at the end of March to see what a difference it’s made.
  • Finish HIIT & Flow teacher training: I’m not exactly finished, but I’m pretty much there. I have to take a couple more classes (I’m not sure the exact number yet, but I should know in the next couple of days). Once I finish that, I will officially be done with my training, and awaiting the notification that I’m a certified HIIT & Flow teacher!
  • Hit the 75% mark on my 500-hour yoga teacher training: Even though I finished another section, I am still not at the 75% mark. I swear that it keeps getting further and further away! I’m not really in a rush to complete my 500-hour training, as I’m already teaching classes as an RYT200
  • Create a class for all of you: We’ve talked about this before. It will happen one day!
  • Set up my new schedule: Nailed it! My new schedule consists of teaching a 30-Minute Booty Burner on Tuesday nights (6:30 pm ET) and a 60-Minute Restorative Yoga class on Wednesday nights (7:00 pm ET). 

March 2021 Health and Wellness Goals

Physical Health Challenges

Go On 4 Hikes

I really need to step up my hike game. I’m a little behind schedule with my 50 hikes challenge, so I need to find more time to get outdoors. On the plus side, the days are getting longer, which gives me more opportunities for hiking after work. 

Teach My First HIIT & Flow Class

Once I receive the green light that I’m a certified teacher, I’m going for it, baby! When I first started my training, I wasn’t convinced that I could actually make it through teaching a complete class; however, today, I was recording my final video, and since I had to re-record it, I essentially did an entire HIIT & Flow class – after teaching both indoor cycling and power yoga today, thank you very much – and I did not pass out! I was actually able to do it! 

Mental Health Challenges

Finish A Book

Emphasis on A book! I have four books sitting in my Amazon cart, but I haven’t earned the chance to order them yet. I have got to get through the books I’m currently reading! I’m actually really enjoying these books, and I’ll share reviews here on the site once I’ve completed one, but it’s about setting aside time and just sitting and reading. Easier said than done, but I can’t make any more excuses!

Hit the 75% Mark on my 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

I’m calling this mental health because I’m going to start getting incredibly angry and frustrated if I don’t get through this already! I have already completed my 20 recorded classes, I have taught 30 hours of yoga since I completed my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and the sections left are the easiest ones! This is getting a little ridiculous, y’all. 

Time To Get After These Goals, Baby!

Despite all of the stress and frustration I’ve been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, I really want to get over these humps. I knew I was getting myself into hot water by having too much going on, but if I can check one thing off the list at the time, as opposed to just trying to do it all at once, I think I’ll feel a lot more peace of mind.
So now, I’m off to the races! Check back here to see the status on some of these goals – especially now that I have a full month to do them!
What are your goals for March? How do you get through your reading list?

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