I Looked Up, and I Was Teaching 8 Classes A Week!

I’m excited about getting to teach additional classes, but it just hit me that I’m teaching 8 classes a week now! As I shared last week, I finally taught my first in-person (not with friends and family) yoga class, but I neglected to tell you everything else I’m teaching right now!

I’ll share the formats I’m teaching, and then I’ll break down the days and times in case you want to join me for an in-person or virtual class.

What I’m Teaching

When I’m Teaching


On Mondays, I teach a 45-minute SPARK class at the Sport & Health in Pike & Rose. I started teaching this class once our club reopened in the summer (we were shut down from about March-June 2020). We wear masks and practice social distancing, so we can only have 9 students in the classroom. Nonetheless, this is an enthusiastic group, and their energy keeps me going since I teach this one after I work with my personal trainer! I teach this class at 6:00 pm ET.


This month, I added a new class to my virtual schedule: 30-Minute Booty Burner. This is a lower-body-focused workout that doesn’t require any equipment. Yes, its main goal is to work the glutes, but we also strengthen our hips, inner thighs, quads, and core (to name a few). I’m teaching this class on a new platform called Recess. I hope you’ll join me! This class is at 6:30 pm ET.


Slowing it down a bit, I teach a 60-minute restorative yoga class on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm ET. This is great for rest days and for recovery after a tough workout. We do use props for this class, but you can always improvise. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about subbing out props for common household items!


Back to SPARK! I teach another 45-minute SPARK class at the Sport & Health in Pike & Rose. I have mostly been teaching SPARK classes since we reopened, which is different from my pre-COVID schedule. Previously, I taught just one SPARK class per week, with two traditional cycle classes – one which was a 60-minute class. Now, there are no 60-minute classes, and I only teach one traditional cycle class.


Friday is the one day a week I’m not currently teaching, but the night is young! This is sometimes a recovery day for me, but it also serves as a lifting day some weeks. I like to think of it as the calm before the storm. 


Saturday is my first double-class day of the weekend. I teach a 45-minute cycle class followed by a 45-minute SPARK class (9:30 am and 10:30 am, respectively). Both of these classes are at my home gym, Sport & Health in Pike & Rose. Because I’m always tired at the end of this morning, I’ve started incorporating more self-care practices into my Saturday evenings, primarily in the form of a nice, long soak in the tub, accompanied by Netflix.


Who told me to spend the whole weekend teaching doubles? Whoever they are, I want my money back! On Sundays, I now teach SPARK and power yoga at the new OneLife in Olney, Maryland. Fortunately, there’s enough of a gap between the two that I can chill, change clothes, and make the mental shift from teaching a cardio class to teaching yoga. I teach these classes at 9:30 and 11:00 am, respectively.

What’s Next?

Because I’m a glutton for punishment big fan of teaching classes – plus, it’s helping to keep me sane during this pandemic – I am considering adding another couple of classes to my schedule. I am playing around with the idea of teaching a new class after the 30-Minute Booty Burner on Tuesdays, and possibly another class on Friday. I want to give this new schedule a couple of weeks for my body to adjust, then I may be making some real moves to teach even more. I mean, what the heck else do I have going on?
Do you want to join me for a class? Try a Recess class with me, or let me know if you’d like to come to Sport & Health and/or OneLife as my guest!

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