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My Current Goals: February 2019

With all of the cycling and running and volleyball and general running around I’ve been doing, I have started feeling little aches and pains that I know are the result of not being strong enough, and still being much heavier than I prefer. And so, I have set two goals for myself: increase my strength and flexibility – particularly in my hip flexors, and lose some weight. I have a desk job and sit for nearly eight hours straight, so I really have to be more deliberate with my workouts.

On Saturdays, I teach a 60-minute indoor cycling class. Once my students exit the room and I straighten up, I hit the weights and the group exercise studio. My main focus has been on my hip flexors, but I’ve also done some upper body and core work. (I’m trying to get to a point where I can post a #SnatchedWaistWednesday post, y’all!) I’m starting to notice a difference, but man! are my Saturday evenings rough! One Saturday, I taught my 60-minute class, lifted weights, grabbed some lunch, came home, at the lunch, showered, and took a nap. I woke up six hours later like, WHAT THE WUT? Yikes. I guess my body needed it!

Another Saturday, I met up with my friend Liz who recently started her blog, Fit and Gritty. We each did a brain dump: In exchange for me teaching her how to get her blog and social media off the ground, she taught me some great exercises for my hips and booty! I’ll be posting some of those videos on social media so you guys can see what’s up.

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently on hip flexibility and strength training. I used to practice yoga regularly, but since I’ve been banned for almost two years now (I can’t believe it’s been that long!), I have really been neglecting my hips. I’m getting better though!

Some workout/stretch routines I’m going to be trying out:

You’ll notice that Sara’s post is for runners. Well, I’m running again! I have the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler coming up in less than two months, and since I haven’t been running much over the last year, I have to be smarter and more deliberate with my training. Can’t just wing it like I’ve done in the past!
Now, about weight loss. With all of the cardio and strength training I’ve been doing, the pounds should continue to fall off, plus, our kitchen is no longer a construction zone, so I can actually cook again! I signed up for a Dietbet with a friend, and even though I hadn’t been using the scale for months, I’m using it as extra motivation for me to work hard this month. I’m more focused on my actual fitness level, how I feel, and (keepin’ it 100) how I look than what the scale reflects, but you know I’m always down for a challenge!
What are some of your current goals? Do you have a particular area that you’re trying to target with your strength training or flexibility training?

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  1. Yay you! My goals this month are to be consistent with my eating each week, use only one cheat meal on the weekend, and increase my strength on my favorite compound exercises by 5% (hipthruster, shoulder press, seated row, leg press)

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