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Fit Review: Living Frelii

As you guys know, I have been working on my fitness and weight loss goals extra hard this year. I’m down nearly 20 pounds, I’m stronger and leaner, and my energy level has been much higher. Overall, I’m feeling great!

We’re almost a quarter of the way through 2018 (can you believe that?!), and now is the time when I really have to stay focused because this is where I hit a slump. Things get wicked busy at work, there are no 3-days weekends until Memorial Day, and the weather is pretty janky. As far as my health and fitness goes, this is crunch time. These are the extra innings! If I’m not focused now, this could determine how my summer will be, which often determines how I will end the year. Translation: If I start getting lazy and making excuses now, I will be sabotaging all of my hard work, and it will be hard to recover!

In January, I did the Whole 30. I’ve done some days of Paleo eating. I’ve gone sugar free some days. This week, I’ve been trying out intermittent fasting again. I’ve been trying a lot of different things just to see what works for me, and I know it’s driving the ol’ fiance nuts. I’m not dieting, but I’m experimenting with my meals and my eating times. And the cool thing is that it seems to be working! Last week, I hit my monthly goal on Dietbet for the second month in a row. Woohoo!

So far, I’m really digging the whole intermittent fasting thing. I have noticed a difference this week, and I haven’t really been hungry (although stress is definitely playing a major role in that). I’m still getting in my exercise, of course, but my sleep has been kind of terrible – again, due to stress. Even though I have been super stressed out, I’ve been proud of my ability to take it out in the gym or on the court, as opposed to in the drive thru line or through eating excessive amounts of comfort food. As long as I can maintain this focus through Memorial Day, I’ll be set for 2018!

One thing I’ve used this month to help me stay on track to hit my goals is Frelii. Frelii is a really cool service which helps with your overall wellness. I filled out a questionnaire that asked me a variety of things about my lifestyle and challenges, and Frelii shipped me a couple of products that serve to help me tackle my greatest challenge: weight loss resistance. They also provide you with workout videos, meal plans, and other helpful information. They also provide a neat service that will analyze some blood test samples for you to help you gain a better picture of some of your needs and challenges. I haven’t taken advantage of this service thus far, as my doctor tested for all kinds of things during my last physical (which is how I learned about my Vitamin D deficiency and some thyroid-related issues). Nonetheless, I could see this being a valuable resource for others!

The two products I received are KeoTone (cocoa flavor) and KeoSpark. They serve two different purposes, but they both offer to help with my weight loss goals. I like the KeoTone powder because I can use it as a meal replacement. I just mix it with almond milk and it tastes pretty good! I haven’t gotten to try the KeoSpark just yet, but I’m planning to start taking it in the next day or two. I wanted to control for the KeoTone before I tried out another new product. I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to some supplements, so I didn’t want to overdo it, ya know?

In general, I like anything that is easy to use and helps me hit my goals. I’m hopeful that Frelii’s variety of services will continue to support me in my fitness and weight loss journey!

Check out my video about Frelii here:

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