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Gobble! Gobble! Jump! Bump!

That’s pretty much how my Thanksgiving can be summed up. There was a lot of turkey, and a bit of chaos! I traveled with my boyfriend up to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with his family. It was definitely difficult to be away from my family, but I took one for the team. (We’ll be spending Christmas with my family.) Relationships are about compromise, right?

Back up… Chaos?! In between houses #2 and #3 on Thanksgiving, we had a deer JUMP into my passenger door, and BUMP all over the passenger side of the vehicle. 😐
Fortunately, neither of us were injured, but my poor car… No bueno. If all goes well, I’ll be picking it back up from the Cleveland area next weekend. While I’m not thrilled about the impact of being without my car for two weeks, I am happy that the damage was not substantial, and that we made it back home safely. 
I must warn everyone out there in an area with lots of deer to beware! Male deer are literally chasing tail this time of year (where I live, and in plenty of other parts of the U.S.), and have tunnel vision when it comes to spotting the ladies. What we’re in now is called rut season, and it is super dangerous for drivers, as well as deer. Be alert, friends! 
How was your Thanksgiving? Was it fantastic?! Did you have anything eventful happen over the weekend? 

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